In a word, master the life and death of a store. A

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It's a fast-food restaurant. It's located in the downtown area and its business is booming

one day, a young woman came to the store with her baby in her arms. She wanted to buy something to drink for her child. However, the shop is full of cold drinks such as coke and Sprite, which is really not suitable for babies. Looking left and right, she finally found that there was a water dispenser in the store. The purified water in it could be drunk by children

so she tentatively asked the waiter: " Hello, can I have a glass of water& quot; The waiter glanced at her and casually said: "e; Get the cup& quot; She was stunned and hurriedly said: "e; Sorry, I don't have a cup& quot;& quot; That won't work& quot; The waiter's answer was extremely concise& quot; Please, can I use the cup in the shop? I pay& quot; She continued to plead, " The child is thirsty& quot;& quot; Cups are not only for sale. Buy a drink& quot; The waiter's voice was obviously a little impatient& quot; Children can't drink, please give me a glass of water& quot; Her voice trembled a little. This time, the waiter didn't pay attention to her anymore, but turned around to receive the next customer...

on that day, the young woman came home with her baby and chatted with her neighbors about the day. Hearing her experience, the neighbor was very angry: " This shop is so mean that I won't go there again in the future& quot;& quot; Yes, I'm sure I won't go again& quot; With that, they went home respectively

the neighbor was a middle school teacher, and the school was next to the fast food restaurant. After going to work the next day, the neighbor talked about her experience with her colleagues. As soon as we heard it, we were filled with emotion: "e; It's too much. I can't even give up a glass of water& quot;& quot; It's better to dump such a shop& quot;& quot; Yes, yes& quot;…… When chatting with the students again, the teachers will mention it and then tell them: " You'd better run there less in the future& quot; After the students came home, they talked about it with their families one after another, and added a sentence at the end: " Our teacher said that we should go there less in the future& quot;

fast food restaurants are still open every day to welcome visitors from all over the world. But no one can tell from which day the restaurant began to become deserted. In the past, restaurants were almost full every day; Especially on weekends, those students in school uniforms always queue in front of the counter. But now, it's hard to see those young figures in the store. There are fewer students, but it's strange that other customers seldom come; Occasionally someone patronizes, but also leaves after shopping, and rarely takes a seat in the store. Most of the seats in the store are empty. It seems that the whole restaurant is dead. In order to improve the business condition, the fast food restaurant has launched many new measures: dining with prizes, discounts on set meals, gifts... But these activities can only gather popularity in a short time, and before long, the store will remain deserted. Gradually, many restaurants entered the downtown area. Around the front and back of the fast-food restaurant, there were more dumpling shops, noodle shops, soybean milk shops... The business of the fast-food restaurant was getting worse and worse

finally one day, the fast food restaurant closed its door gloomily. When the staff in the store packed up and left, none of them thought that this unfortunate ending began with the indifference of a glass of water

it's unbelievable that a glass of water led to the final closure of a store that used to be prosperous, but who can ignore the power of a glass of water

seemingly inconspicuous indifference will also hurt people's hearts. If you don't accumulate good things, don't accumulate wealth, and ignore customers, there is only one result, that is, lifting a stone and smashing your own job! A glass of water is just a small effort, but it can warm people's hearts. Then let's be more kind and caring, less mean and indifferent, and make our life more and more beautiful

here are a few words for you. May you behave like this

I choose kindness, not because I am clumsy

because I understand that kindness can carry things and help others can be happy

I choose kindness, not weakness

because I understand that goodness is nature. You can't be evil, and evil will be punished

I choose to be patient, not shrink back

because I know, endure the calm, let the sky high and the sea wide

I choose tolerance, not cowardice

because I understand that tolerance is a virtue, and virtue is not wrong

I choose to be confused, but I'm not really confused

in the face of misunderstanding, injustice and injustice, I just don't want to care about it, so I can deal with it magnanimously. It's difficult to be confused and laugh at the state of the world

I choose to be sincere, and I will say anything directly

because I understand that flattery against one's will is a response, and advice against one's ears is a responsibility

I choose to forgive, not because I have no principles

because I know that when I have to forgive others, I should forgive others, and I can't do everything completely

I value friendship, not that I am too persistent

because I always think about the good time with my friends. I can't give up that rare fate and friendship. I shouldn't hide my inner feelings. I understand that cheating doesn't end well, and betrayal doesn't end well

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