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Now we can see the existence of power tubes on many radiators. It acts as the final output in the amplification circuit. Now there are many power tubes with unfair specifications and performance in the market, and the needs of businesses in various fields are also different

power tubes are very familiar to many people. They are used in many places with electricity, but what are the functions of power tubes? What should we pay attention to when installing the power tube

precautions for power tube installation

first, in the process of power tube installation, if you want to use it safely in the later stage, you must not exceed the dissipated power of power tube in the process of circuit design. In particular, the limit values of the maximum drain source voltage and related maximum current and other parameters must meet the specified standards

second, we should know that the input impedance of the power tube is relatively high, so businesses should short circuit the lead out pin of the power tube whether during transportation or storage. Then use the metal shielding package that meets the standard, so as to prevent the external induced potential, thereby breaking down its grid. In particular, it is worth noting that power tubes cannot be put into plastic boxes. Before installing the power tube, put it into a standard metal box as much as possible when storing, and pay attention to the moisture-proof measures of the power tube

third, when installing the power tube, in order to prevent the induction breakdown of the power tube grid. Therefore, good grounding should be carried out in strict accordance with the specified requirements for the relevant workbench, testing instruments and relevant lines themselves

fourth, good heat dissipation conditions are required for the installation and use of power tubes. Because such pipes are used under high load. If the heat dissipation conditions are not enough, it is likely to lead to different degrees of failure. If you want to keep the power tube in a stable state during installation and later use, you must first maintain a good heat dissipation condition. Ensure that the shell temperature will not be higher than the specified standard, so as to make the power tube run and work better

function of power tube

function 1: amplify the power. Placing the power tube at the end of the circuit can increase the current input and output at the end of the circuit, so as to meet the power consumption of high-power items. Therefore, generally, high-power products such as induction cooker will be installed with power tubes

function 2: the use of power tubes can ensure the safety of people when using electrical appliances. If ordinary SOM FET is installed on high-power electrical appliances, when the voltage of more than 300V passes through the switch tube and heating coil, it will produce a very large resistance. At this time, ordinary SOM FET cannot meet the needs, because SOM FET will heat quickly and it is difficult to work for a long time. But high power can meet this, so people usually combine the power tube and SOM FET, let the SOM FET act as the push tube, and let the power tube act as the push tube

heat dissipation process of power tube

there are many gullies or gaps between the bottom surface of the radiator and the surface of the power tube, all of which are air. As air is a poor conductor of heat, the air gap will seriously affect the heat dissipation efficiency, which will greatly degrade the performance of the radiator and even fail to play a role. In order to reduce the gap between the power tube and the radiator and increase the contact area, thermal conductive materials with good thermal conductivity must be used to fill, such as thermal conductive silicone ester and thermal conductive silicon (silicon) rubber pad. As shown in the figure below, the heat emitted by the chip is transferred to the radiator through the heat conducting material, and then most of the heat is carried away to the surrounding air by convection (forced convection and natural convection) through the high-speed rotation of the fan, and the heat is forcibly removed. In this way, a heat dissipation path from the power tube to the surrounding air through the radiator and heat conducting material is formed

summary: the above is what Xiaobian introduced to you about the precautions and functions of power tube installation. I hope it can effectively help you; If you have any good suggestions, look forward to communicating with Xiaobian. Please pay attention to more information





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