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Testing of packaging materials for color boxes

generally, the materials involved in color boxes can be divided into two categories: face paper and pit paper

commonly used color box paper covers (Taiwan name): gray copper, white copper, single copper, Huali card, gold card, white gold card, silver card, laser card, etc

there are two kinds of "white board with white background": 1. White copper, 2. Single copper

what they have in common is that both sides are white

the difference is "white copper": one side is smooth and the other side is not smooth, that is, one side is coated with cloth and the other side is not coated with cloth. The popular point is that the front can be printed, and the back can not be printed

"single copper": both sides are coated with cloth, and both sides can be printed

there is this kind of paper on the gray bottom gray board, but it is not used on the color box. The gray bottom white board is the so-called "gray copper paper", that is, the front side is white and can be printed, and the back side is gray and can not be printed

general white cards are also called "white board with white background", which is only the abbreviation for general quotation, except for special white cards, such as platinum cards, silver cards, etc

testing of packaging materials

standard for packaging materials

name of packaging materials: color box

1. scope

this standard specifies the quality and technical requirements, inspection methods, and various requirements for transportation and storage of color boxes

this standard is applicable to all packing box materials used by the company

2. reference standard

gb11680 hygienic standard for base paper for food packaging

3. inspection standard

3.1 quality and hygiene requirements

3.1.1 appearance requirements

the surface shall be clean and flat, without folds, damage, stains and impurities. The font and pattern shall be clear and correct without misprint, missing print and ink pollution

3.1.2 process requirements

a the size conforms to another final target grid of the specification, and the deviation is within the allowable range. The color boxes that need to be filled with pit paper should pass the trial assembly

b the binding part of the color box shall be tight and firm without loosening and cracking

c the material and structure of the color box shall be consistent with the template or drawing

3.1.3 sanitary requirements

shall comply with gb11680, which we can customize according to your company's requirements

3.2 inspection method and defect classification

3.2.1 appearance inspection

visual inspection in a bright room

3.2.2 process requirements testing

visual inspection in a bright room or testing with measuring tools according to process documents and data

3.2.3 hygiene requirements test

inspect the hygiene license, official inspection report and certificate of conformity of each batch of products of the supplier

3.2.4 defects are classified as minor defects, major defects and serious defects according to table 1

table 1

content description of test items defect classification

minor defects major defects serious defects

appearance test surface severely uneven *

surface slightly uneven *

surface wrinkle, damage and stain area 1cm2 *

surface wrinkle, damage and stain area <1cm2 *

font, pattern printing fuzzy ghosting 0.5mm *

in addition Pattern printing fuzzy ghosting < 0.5mm *

ink stain 2cm2, box mark font, pattern less oil leakage, displacement 2cm2 *

ink stain < 2cm2, box mark font, pattern less oil leakage, displacement < 2cm2 *

font, pattern misprint, omission Overprint *

poor color registration of color box pattern 2mm2 *

poor color registration of color box pattern < 2mm2 *

irregular trimming of color box, rough edges *

wet color box *

process requirements the size deviation detected exceeds the process requirements, or 2mm *

size deviation < 2mm *

the shape and position of cut, window and aircraft hole are incorrect, with a deviation of 3mm *

the shape of cut, window and aircraft hole,the Incorrect position, deviation < 3mm *

looseness and cracking at the adhesive part of the color box *

the color box material and grams are inconsistent with the sample *

the color box that needs to be filled with pit paper fails to pass the trial assembly *

the stamping beer line is disconnected by itself *

hygiene requirements: insect carcasses, hair, small metal *

other impurities are found Black spot *

health indicators are unqualified *

4. sampling standard

the incoming materials of each batch of outer packaging cartons shall be subject to random sampling inspection according to mil-std-105elevel2, aql:cr = 0maj = 1.0min = 2.5 sampling standard

if the inspection is unqualified, double the sampling for re inspection. If the re inspection is not qualified, the batch of raw materials shall be rejected

5. transportation and storage

5.1 transportation

transportation vehicles should be clean and tidy. It is strictly prohibited to mix with harmful, toxic, odorous and other easily polluting substances

5.2 storage

must be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated and clean warehouse. The warehouse shall be equipped with damp proof facilities. No rats, pests and other pollution. Keep a proper distance from the wall and ceiling during storage; The bottom plate shall be padded

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