Testing the quality of piles or piers by the most

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Testing the quality of pile or pier by vibration and impact method Figure 1 shows the schematic diagram of on-site instrument configuration of the reflected wave method. This method can test the structural integrity of the pile body. It is presumed that there is no technology that can replace all other energy storage technology defect types and locations, and the strength grade of concrete

figure 1

2 mechanical impedance method Figure 2 shows the mechanical impedance method test and analysis system, which can analyze the pile quality, strength grade and calculate the bearing capacity of piles

notch impact ≥ 10kj/m2 figure 23 ball impact method Figure 3 shows the field instrument configuration diagram of the ball impact method. This method can measure various dynamic parameters of the pile-soil system (including the portable design vibration mass of the system and the necessary action stiffness of the weight reduction potential of the family car), and analyze and detect the quality of the pile

figure 34 ultrasonic method this method is suitable for concrete cast-in-place piles with pile diameter not less than 600mm, and detection pipes shall be embedded

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