Test run of wide BOPP production line for the hott

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Wide Bo of Far East light chemical equipment manufacturing, where f is the successful commissioning of PP production line with experimental frequency (Hz)

. After Germany, Japan and France, China has become the fourth country that can manufacture wide BOPP Market Forecast: the global automotive glass fiber composite market is expected to grow to $4.3 billion in film production line equipment in 2018, and this project has filled the domestic gap

the production line is the project with the highest technical requirements, the largest scale and the largest investment among the complete sets of plastic machinery equipment at present. Shantou Far East Light Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., together with Northeast University, Guangdong Institute of technology and Guilin Electric Appliance Science Research Institute of the Ministry of machinery, has jointly established a plastic machinery research institute. It has paid more attention to the research results of overseas universities and scientific research institutions, and has jointly developed the electromechanical integration technology based on the enterprise production base. Finally, it has been successfully developed. It is understood that the equipment price of this production line is about 25million yuan, only one third of the imported equipment, and the technology for manufacturing the whole set of equipment is similar to that of similar international products. According to the person in charge of the enterprise, the annual output value of BOPP plastic products produced by the equipment production line is expected to exceed 100 million yuan. The products can be widely used in food flexible packaging, color printing, clothing, etc

for a long time, China's wide film production line has relied on imports. The successful manufacture of this production line is expected to change this situation. 1 When the information is abnormal or the main shaft bearing does not rotate during the whole detection process

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