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Tetra Pak's crisis is also a turning point for emerging packaging companies.

as early as the 1970s, Tetra Pak began to appear in China. The moment Tetra Pak appeared in 1972, it meant the beginning of Tetra Pak's market monopoly, which has occupied more than 90% of the market share for decades. Just a few years back, when customers buy a wide variety of sterile packaged milk products in large supermarkets or drink these sterile packaged milk products at home, they often inadvertently find the word Tetra Pak. At that time, what could be found unintentionally about aseptic bags was, to some extent, only Tetra Pak. But now, when drinking domestic sterile packaging products, you will find that there are more sterile packaging manufacturers such as FanMei Packaging Co., Ltd. and Guangxia (Xiamen) packaging Co., Ltd. when drinking foreign sterile packaging products, you will find large companies such as Kangmei Packaging Co., Ltd

aseptic packaging provided by Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak uses 2 screws to fix 8 pressing plates in aseptic packaging; b. Move 6 screws at both ends of the beam; Check the tightness level of the screw drive chain every six months. The long-term monopoly of the market not only makes it obtain huge economic benefits from the market, but also makes it obtain great dissatisfaction in the industry. This dissatisfaction was finally expressed by Hong Gang, vice chairman and marketing director of Shandong Quanlin Packaging Co., Ltd. (now Fenmei Packaging Co., Ltd.) in 2006. Interestingly, Hong Gang, the then new vice chairman, was an old employee who had worked in Tetra Pak for 10 years. In addition, FanMei Packaging Co., Ltd., also known as Shandong Quanlin Packaging Co., Ltd. at that time, has been regarded as the largest domestic challenger of Tetra Pak's monopoly position in the industry

FanMei Packaging Co., Ltd. cooperates with Mengniu

there is a saying in China that wood shows in the forest, and the wind will destroy it. In the early days, Tetra Pak was established early and had absolute technological advantages. Some small winds could not shake this tree with deep roots. Therefore, many packaging enterprises dared to be angry. Later, Tetra Pak cooperated with Mengniu and Yili to contract the entire aseptic package industry chain. The trend of enterprise monopoly became increasingly obvious. Many packaging companies privately mastered various operation precautions and complained a lot, but they did not dare to denounce publicly. Sure enough, it didn't break out in silence, but died in silence. Among the many domestic packaging companies that made continuous efforts, the level of mountain intelligence, which was also called at that time, was greatly improved. Fenmei company of dongquanlin Packaging Co., Ltd. became the first company in China that could directly challenge Tetra Pak

followed by Guangxia (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., some newly listed nutritional drinks use camaypac aseptic bags developed by their company. According to the market survey, the aseptic bags mainly used by major supermarkets now include Tetra Pak aseptic bag series (such as Tetra Pak bricks and Tetra Pak pillows) of Tetra Pak Sweden, aseptic bag series (such as aseptic bricks and aseptic pillows) of FanMei Packaging Co., Ltd., camaypac Jiamei aseptic bag series (such as aseptic bricks and aseptic pillows) of Guangxia (Xiamen) Co., Ltd In addition, the international Swiss Kang (2) adopts the kangmeibao series (such as sterile bricks and sterile pillows) of Meibao company, a wheel amplitude load sensor

aseptic packaging provided by kangmeibao company for Mengniu fruit and vegetable yogurt

moreover, it is not difficult to find in the market research of major supermarkets that the vast majority of aseptic packaging for children's milk drinks are Tetra Pak packaging, but adults drink the most widely sold, such as Mengniu's pure milk and Yili's pure milk, skimmed milk, high calcium milk, low-fat and high calcium milk are FanMei aseptic packaging. Jiamei aseptic bag is mainly put on the market of other soybean drinks, such as the recently listed Huiyi brand. Kangmeibao, which competes with Tetra Pak in the world, provides aseptic packaging for some well-known brands exported from Germany and Switzerland to China. These are not difficult to find in supermarkets

it must be said that Tetra Pak, as a large company that has developed for many years, still has a good reputation for food enterprises. Therefore, Tetra Pak still accounts for 60% of the market even in the case of the following wolves. However, with a 40% market share, domestic packaging companies can occupy 30% of the market share, which was unthinkable in the past. However, the dream like reality has now been realized, and the future development must be more beautiful than the dream

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