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Tetra Pak's new packaging drill uses environmentally friendly materials

with the development of the packaging industry, product packaging tends to be more and more homogeneous, so creative packaging can undoubtedly become a favorable way to attract consumers. Recently, Tetra Pak released an innovative 250 standard drill face packaging for sterile Tetra Pak bricks

on February 19, 2014, TetraPak, the world's leading supplier of food processing and packaging solutions, released the innovative no we provide customers with a variety of high-performance products and services that can comply with the national policies and regulations on carbon dioxide emissions in the future. TetraPak 250 standard drill face packaging. By adding two diamond shaped edges on the front of the familiar sterile Tetra Pak brick, this diamond shaped packaging will give customers more creative space in product design and stand out on the shelf

nowadays, products are emerging in endlessly on the shelves, but consumers have less and less time to choose products. How to make the brand different is becoming more and more important. Aseptic Tetra Pak 250 standard drill face packaging can add points to the recognition of dairy and beverage brands, and the cost is not high. It can be achieved only by slightly modifying the existing filling equipment. Manuelcalderon, Tetra Pak's product director, said

the Chinese market is actually the first to eat crabs. Through the early cooperation test with Mengniu, a flexible giant of China's dairy industry, the market response of sterile Tetra Pak 250 standard drill face packaging is good. Now, it has contributed to the further promotion of this innovative packaging in the Chinese market and global listing

zhaoxingji, general manager of the third brand management center of Mengniu Group, said: we very much welcome such cost-effective innovative solutions as aseptic Tetra Pak 250 standard drill face packaging, which can support our product upgrading through simple equipment modification

consumer surveys conducted in China and Pakistan show that the sterile Tetra Pak 250 standard drill face packaging is outstanding in packaging design, visual effect and functionality. At the same time, because the overall performance of packaging is further improved, retailers are more efficient in storage and distribution. In addition, the new packaging contains a higher content of renewable material paperboard, which is more environmentally friendly

at present, Tetra Pak tba/220500v filling line can produce sterile Tetra Pak 250 standard drill face packaging through equipment modification. It is expected that by 2015, the new generation Tetra Pak a3/high-speed line can also produce sterile Tetra Pak 250 standard drill face packaging. At that time, all customers can easily have the innovative packaging of cylinder head, gearbox and piston, which are also used to manufacture automobiles

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