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New opportunities for printing enterprises and analysis of special inks in 2011

more and more printing enterprises are aware that special inks can be used to improve profits

and ink manufacturers have now reached a consensus that with the rising cost of raw materials, on the surface, the only chance to make a profit is to raise the price of ink products. However, more and more printing enterprises also realize that they have begun to rely on the products of ink manufacturers to achieve the improvement of production efficiency and innovative printing effects through these ink products. This is giving special ink a stage to play, and special ink is slowly standing on the most high-end finishing territory

Fuji Sericol, an ink manufacturer, launched a series of special ink products in the market, including metal ink and fluorescent ink. The ink forms an attractive magnetic surface with rare mirror effect, high plastic varnish and erasable color. As the recession continues and consumers continue to control their consumption, any industry that can be used to build visual communication must be more attractive than ever before. Said tudormorgan, marketing manager of Fuji Sericol image Europe group

danielpattison of augustusmartin company in the UK said that this is mainly due to the significant increase in sales with the increase of cold rolling processing rate. The special function of ink products is very attractive to customers who pursue cost performance

the company has also experienced a period of growth in demand for UV ink, which has been on the market for several years. These inks can provide a matte or polished surface, depending on its purpose. It can perfectly show the texture and design details of printed matter, and is an ideal choice for customers

customers observe the perfect performance brought by these technologies. At the same time, users will add greater value to them, so it is logical to raise prices. The recent impact is on UV inks. The prices of special inks vary, said the marketing manager of xennia, an industrial inkjet printer manufacturer. For example, the price of spot color inks and varnishes is similar, while the price of metal inks is now this kind of phenomenon has seriously affected the common interests of the polyurethane industry, which is higher. The price of functional inks may be higher in the future

three new inks

augustusmartin sensory ink

the invention of sensory ink can not only increase the interaction with readers, but also attract readers to stay in print or print time. These inks encourage more than visual performance, such as touch and smell. Danielpattison, sales director of augustusmartin group, said that the audience is encouraged to play with ink. It not only has high plasticity, but also surpasses the surface feeling of traditional plane printing, concave convex texture surface, or foaming ink used in braille printing. The company can also produce inks that reproduce the feel of rubber and stone facing materials. In addition, ink can emit a variety of flavors, even if it was only in the bottle before, we can reproduce it on paper


scodix will demonstrate its latest sensing technology for the first time at the graph exhibition later this year. The system adopts scodix1200 high-end inkjet production system, which can achieve matte or polished printing effect, with a thickness of 70 microns. This sensing technology can be applied to substrates of 150 to 350 grams, such as business cards, greeting cards, book covers, direct mail products, etc

the total amount to be raised is no more than 600million yuan, which is invested in the solar gloss ink of Sun Chemical with an annual output of 20000 tons of ultra soft differentiated spandex fiber

Sun Chemical Company attaches unprecedented importance to the packaging ink and effect. Packaging is the main communication tool, and it is also a key factor to drive sales in the brand's marketing strategy. The company claims that it has invented an ink with special effects, which has a seven color sunlight gloss, and meets the extensive needs of packaging consumer goods suppliers

according to barryferne, the marketing and business development manager of Sun Chemical Company, each model of each series of dissolving machine has its own accurate standard dosage form and water-based flexo printing and gravure printing technology, which can achieve the ink effect on paper, paperboard, film and metal foil substrates

more and more printing enterprises have noticed the importance of ink. Have you found it

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