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New packaging of fresh fruit and vegetable products

fresh fruit and vegetable products are living beings, still breathing after picking, and carrying out vigorous life activities. On the one hand, respiratory metabolism consumes its own nutrition and water, which affects the appearance and quality of fruit and vegetable products. On the other hand, the infection of pathogenic microorganisms and substances will lead to the decay of fruit and vegetable products. Therefore, fresh fruit and vegetable products often wilt, deteriorate in quality and decay during harvesting, storage, transportation and marketing, and lose their edible value

good packaging is not only conducive to keeping fruits and vegetables fresh, reducing losses, extending shelf life, but also attracting consumers and promoting the use of products. Plastic film is the most widely used packaging material in fresh fruit and vegetable products at present. It is transparent, heat preservation, breathable, airtight, low price, and has a very broad market application prospect. The following will mainly introduce the fresh-keeping packaging of new fruit and vegetable products

1. High density polyethylene film bag with micropores: in recent years, it is widely used in fresh fruits abroad. According to the physiological characteristics of fruits and the tolerance to O2 and CO2 concentration, it can add a certain number of micropores (40 μ), To strengthen the exchange of gas, reduce the humidity and volatile metabolites in the bag, ensure the relatively high O2 concentration (<1% O2) in the bag, and prevent the accumulation of a large amount of volatile substances such as ethanol and acetaldehyde caused by anaerobic respiration due to low O2 concentration, which will affect the fruit flavor. The O2 concentration in this film bag can generally guarantee the quality at 10-15%, and the CO2 concentration tolerance is strong. It is very suitable for fruit and vegetable products with the third humidity, especially tropical fruits. In foreign countries, this kind of packaging bag can store "Bing" sweet cherries for 80 days in ordinary cold storage, and can guarantee the flavor and quality of fruits

2. High oxygen modified atmosphere packaging: it is a new type of packaging in recent years. The O2 in the high oxygen spontaneous chlorine modified packaging bag is generally maintained at 70-100%. Because this kind of package has (1) inhibition of enzyme activity, preventing the browning of the introduced fruit and vegetable products; (2) Prevent the fermentation introduced by anaerobic respiration and maintain the quality of fruit and vegetable products; (3) It has the advantages of effectively inhibiting the growth of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms and preventing decay. Through experiments, it has attracted much attention. It is especially suitable for the preservation of fruits and vegetables with high CO2 and prone to anaerobic respiration and fermentation under low O2 concentration, as well as fresh cut fruits and vegetables. At the same time, the gas combination in the bag can also be determined according to the characteristics of different fruit and vegetable products. For example, 80-90% O2 + 10-20% CO2 can be used for perishable fruit and vegetable products; 80-90% O2 + 10-20% N2 can be used for fruit and vegetable products that are third to CO2. In the European market, mushrooms are packaged with high oxygen, and the shelf life can reach 8 days at 8 ℃

3. Biodegradable new biological sterilization release consumption tips packaging materials: due to people's concern that the long-term use of chemical fungicides will harm human health and pollute the environment, as well as the "white pollution" caused by the sharp increase in the demand for plastic film packaging, the function of packaging materials has shifted to safe, non-toxic and green environmental protection. Degradable new biological sterilization packaging is a new hot spot of international food packaging. It uses some degradable polymer materials, in which biological fungicides are added, which plays a variety of roles, such as anti-corrosion, fresh-keeping, degradable and non polluting the environment. This kind of packaging material is convenient to use, especially suitable for the packaging of fresh cut fruits and vegetables and cooked food, and has a wide application prospect in the future fresh food packaging. (Business Express)

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