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New opportunities in the medical packaging market

despite the general recession in the global economy, the medical packaging market continues to expand at a steady growth rate. North America is still the largest market in the world, followed by Europe. It is expected that by 2007, the market share of medical packaging in Asia, Africa and the Middle East will be close to that of North America and Europe combined

many companies in Europe have participated in the development of the first generation of unique sterile medical packaging, including the packaging of products from latex gloves to artificial joints and cardiac vacuum tubes. Many of these packaging concepts have been widely adopted all over the world. What should we pay attention to? Let's go and have a look! We learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission and Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone

generally, medical packaging products are divided into two categories - reusable products and disposable products. Reusable products include surgical tools, medical coats and medical instruments. These products can be disinfected by different methods such as on-site high-temperature disinfection or ray disinfection after use. Disposable products are disinfected by users. Therefore, we can regard gloves, wound care products and syringes as such products. The threat of medical infection also makes medical staff classify some surgical instruments, even disinfection curtains and medical coats in the operating room, as disposable medical products

the main requirements for disinfection of medical packaging products are aluminum alloy window stainless steel sliding brace qb/t 3888 ⑴ 999, including: having invisible fiber surface, being able to resist the effects of ETO (ethylene oxide), steam and gamma rays in the disinfection process, ensuring the cleanness of the production environment, and finally being approved by the food and Drug Administration (FDA)

the changing market

disinfection medical packaging products mainly include the following categories:

packaging paper

packaging bags

special bags and breathing bags

tubular materials

thermoformed trays and covers

now, packaging paper and packaging bags are gradually replaced by other products in application, such as special bags, bag tubes and thermoformed trays, and these products are growing at a very fast rate. At the same time, the development trend of packaging materials from standard paper packaging to packaging film or laminated packaging paper/film is also one of the reasons for its rapid growth

although the overall medical packaging market in North America and Europe is still growing, the growth rate and trend are far less than those in other regions (such as Asia). For this reason, many large medical packaging companies around the world have begun to set up branches in Asia, and some have begun to export medical packaging products to these regions

new application fields

so far, medical packaging products related to wound care are the fastest-growing part of the market, accounting for nearly 4700 square meters of the material market. With the development of new clinical treatment technology, this market is still Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. alloy wear-resistant washing corrosion strength testing machine is constantly launching new clinical treatment technology in the situation of sliding friction. Medical packaging products related to wound care include dressings, ointments and special bonding materials used to treat burns, cuts and other operations and other wounds. There is a big difference between retail/over-the-counter (OTC) products related to wound care and hospital or prescription drug packaging

in the retail/otc market, nearly 30% of the market share is controlled by brand products based on traditional treatment methods. Most of these products use some types of protective layers as patches for wound healing. However, there are great differences between various types of protective layers. The shape can be flat or concave convex, and the material can be polyethylene coated paper or silicone coated paper/film

in contrast, wound care products used in hospitals or prescription drugs will reflect the innovation of clinical treatment technology and show a stronger growth momentum due to more technological impetus. In this field, many new products have been developed. These products usually use film-based and silicone coated gaskets in the material treatment process

in North America and Europe, many medical packaging companies have their own unique products, and these companies also cooperate with each other. For example, Rexam, VP Sterlin, Wipak, Amcor, kenpak, perfecseal and Oliver products, the largest medical packaging companies in the United States and Europe

with the change of the medical industry and its needs, the packaging method is also changing. Like many regions in the United States and Europe, disposable medical devices are replacing reusable medical devices at a fast speed, mainly because relevant departments are facing the pressure of being prosecuted for medical accidents caused by the reuse of medical devices. Medical staff are also worried about litigation, and soon prefer to use disposable medical devices

while the development speed of medical packaging market in North America and Europe slows down, the medical packaging market in Asia, Africa and the Middle East is growing rapidly, because many places are eager to develop their pharmaceutical market in the fight against infectious diseases. It is estimated that with the current growth trend, by 2007, the market share of Asia, Africa and the Middle East will be close to that of North America and Europe combined

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