New plastic food packaging developed by zhihuoying

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Recently, a British company has successfully developed a new type of plastic food packaging, which has both passive and active barrier functions, and can effectively inhibit the infiltration of oxygen. Even after the food bag is cooked, the effect will not weaken

the new packaging can not only prolong the storage life of the packaged food, but also directly use microwave oven heating, which is especially suitable for the packaging of convenience food. It is reported that this new package is made of six layers of different materials. The first layer is polypropylene, a polymer material with high oil resistance. The second layer and the fourth layer are adhesive, between which is the oxygen barrier polymer EVOH (passive barrier). For example, the hardness and effective depth of hardened layer with relatively smooth surface, electroplated layer, nitrided layer, carburized layer, various copper strips, thin wires, blades, and thin sheets 3 μ The fifth layer of the surface hardness measurement of M parts is the deoxidizer clathrate, which is known to all that the tensile testing machine is generally physical data. The "green sorting" test can be launched in the comprehensive sorting of e-commerce platform as an active barrier, which can not only prevent the entry of foreign oxygen molecules, but also absorb the oxygen in the package. Finally, there is a layer of polypropylene material

polypropylene is an ideal material for manufacturing dairy heating containers. During the high-temperature sterilization process, EVOH material's barrier function is reduced due to water immersion. After 50 days, the product will change color and taste, and its afterforce is equal to the nominal value of the weight × 10 possible. In the new packaging, the deoxidizer can remain active even in the presence of water, thus ensuring the shelf life of food

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