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Dow Chemical has developed new polymers

according to relevant news, Dow Chemical, an American chemical enterprise, has recently developed several new polymer products, including linear low density polyethylene/syndiotactic polypropylene (pe/spp) blends, conductive TPO materials The new index mixture is divided into manual pendulum impact tester and ethylene styrene propylene terpolymer, which has the functions of permanent electrostatic dissipation (ESD) and avoiding electrostatic accumulation, so it can play a protective role in copolymer (ESP). According to Dow Chemical Company, blends of linear low density polyethylene (LDPE) and syndiotactic polypropylene are used in hot water pipes and automobiles. Conductive TPO materials can be used to make tags hung on car bumpers. Index es copolymer can be used to make injection molding toys. This material can be mixed with ES copolymer or PS to obtain a large working environment: tension and excellent paintability. At low temperature, it has good thermal stability and toughness, and can replace soft PVC. ESP terpolymer is produced by Dow Chemical's single active catalyst technology. Dow Chemical's single active catalyst can be used to produce index ethylene styrene (ES) copolymers. EPS can form semi crystals and may also be used as amorphous materials

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