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New opportunities for the robot industry may become the next emerging industry

Electric robots can inspect the equipment of substations and detect or de ice the attached roads independently; Industrial robots can undertake the assembly of precision parts in the production line, and can replace manual work to complete spraying, welding, assembly and other work in poor working environment. They can also be combined with CNC ultra precision milling machines and other machine tools to manufacture molds; Service robots can greet guests, order meals and patrol... At the 6th China (Jinan) International Information Technology Expo held recently, the Economic Herald found that the robot manufacturing industry in Shandong is the beginning of Xiaohe. Lu Qi intelligent robot attracts attention

"you see, the substation inspection robot can inspect the equipment of the substation independently; this kind of UAV belongs to the robot flying in the sky, known as the intelligent line inspection thousand mile eye, which can fly to inspect the lines on the mountains; this kind of robot that can crawl on the overhead transmission line can be attached to the road for detection or de icing..." during the information Expo, in front of the electric robot booth of State Grid Shandong company, The vivid commentary of the staff attracted many audiences and enterprise representatives to stop and watch

according to Li Bingqiang, director of the technical committee of the Key Laboratory of electric robot technology of State Grid Corporation of China, the meeting was affected by various factors, which made it difficult to decide. The above three kinds of electric robots were independently developed by Shandong Electric Power Research Institute. Among them, the world's first production line of substation inspection robots built at the beginning of this year has achieved small batch production, with an annual design production capacity of 120 sets. More than 30 inspection robots have been "on duty" in substations in Beijing, Shaanxi, Guangxi and other places, withstood the test of harsh environments such as high temperature, wind and rainstorm, and become the "backbone" of substations

according to the introduction, the unmanned helicopter intelligent inspection system has conducted flight inspection of six 500 kV transmission lines in Shandong Province, with a total of 200 kilometers, and found more than 30 defects and anomalies. This year, it will complete flight inspection of 600 kilometers. In addition, crawling electric robots on overhead transmission lines can install different tools as needed. 2. After sales service can be divided into different operations. For example, installing knives can remove the icing on the lines, installing cameras can patrol the lines, and some can even cross obstacles to perform tasks

the booth of Shandong Aitong Industrial Robot Technology Co., Ltd. was also crowded with enterprise representatives who consulted and understood. "Our industrial robots can complete the assembly of 20 to 200 electronic precision devices, and perform welding, loading and unloading, assembly, testing, warehouse stacking and other operations. At present, our products are mainly sold to manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places." Ouyangcheng, manager of Shandong Aitong Industrial Robot Technology Co., Ltd. in East China, introduced to the guide while showing a series of robots on site

it is understood that as an early enterprise involved in industrial robots, Shandong Aitong currently mainly cooperates with electronic component manufacturers in the south. "Due to the increase of labor costs, some labor-intensive enterprises are thinking about raising the expectation of 8% or higher annual return on investment, high automation level, strong demand for industrial robots to replace labor, and good market sales prospects for industrial robots." Ouyangcheng said

"the traffic police robot can measure the speed of vehicles, count the traffic flow, control the change of indicator light according to the data, track illegal vehicles, test the driver's alcohol accuracy on site, judge whether the driver is drunk driving, and even replace the traffic police on duty in bad weather, and record the whole process of duty on site, transmit the data to the traffic police department, and the traffic police can also control it remotely." Shandong continental Technology Co., Ltd., which just launched the robot restaurant last month, took out traffic police robots that attracted bursts of amazement at the exhibition. According to the on-site staff, the company can design and produce various special operation robots (Systems) according to the needs of enterprises, including the equipment system of enterprise automatic production line, various public service robots, etc

according to the guide, there are nearly 10 units engaged in the research, development and production of robots in the province, which have formed certain advantages and characteristics in the research, development and industrialization of underground engineering robots, live working robots, robot based automatic production lines and equipment. The scale of the robot industry in the province is expected to reach more than 1billion yuan this year

the application field continues to expand

in fact, as a major manufacturing province, some manufacturing enterprises in Shandong, such as China National Heavy Duty Truck (000951, Guba), lino, etc., have successively used "robots" or robots. It is understood that sinotruk will focus on the research and development of industrial robots for the processing and manufacturing industry, electric robots for the power industry, special robots for the oil and mining industry, and service robots for the fire protection, medical treatment, home service and other industries. Since 2004, it has used industrial robots on a large scale for stamping, edging, spraying and other production links

"the strong demand for robots in industry and service industry will drive the rapid development of China's robot industry." Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the international mold and hardware and plastic industry, said in an interview with the guide that the use of robots can not only improve the level of automation and reduce labor costs, but also improve the precision of the production process and reduce errors

ouyangcheng told the herald that compared with southern enterprises, Shandong manufacturing enterprises use less robot production lines. According to Luo Baihui, at present, industrial robots are widely used in China, mainly in the automobile manufacturing industry. In addition, robot OEM has also begun to appear in some fast-moving consumer goods and logistics industries, with a large number of welding robots, spraying robots and transportation robots, as well as assembly, cutting, polishing, gluing robots, etc

Luo Baihui believes that with the development of China's manufacturing industry, especially the development of automobile and auto parts manufacturing industry, which is the main application field of industrial robots, the assembly volume of industrial robots will increase rapidly. The application field of industrial robots is gradually extending to the electronic information industry, construction, mining and other fields. It is expected that the average annual growth rate of the industrial robot market is expected to reach about 25% in the future. In addition, due to the rapid growth of automated three-dimensional warehouses with new seats every year, the market scale of mobile robots for logistics and handling will also increase by no less than 20% every year. It is estimated that by 2025, the whole domestic robot market will reach 50billion yuan

according to the guide, the Ministry of science and Technology issued the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of intelligent manufacturing technology and the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of service robot technology in late April, proposing that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, it will focus on cultivating and developing industries and emerging industries of service robots

"the promotion of industry demand and national policies will accelerate the start of China's robot industry, which will be a rapidly growing emerging industry after automobiles and computers." Luo Baihui said

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