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New packaging of canned coffee in Japan

coffee is a very common drink in Japan. Except for a few people who don't drink it for religious reasons, most people in the country like to drink coffee. Since the 1990s, consumers' demand for coffee tends to be genuine products. Ordinary coffee once occupied the market. Later, due to the development and promotion of instant coffee, the status of ordinary coffee was impacted. In order to meet the new demand of consumers for coffee impact machine stepper: coffee manufacturers have launched new packages of canned ordinary coffee

at present, the packaging of household ordinary coffee sold in department stores is roughly divided into two categories: membrane bags and metal cans. Among them, membrane bags are divided into inflatable packaging, vacuum packaging and vacuum packaging with gas permeation valve; Metal cans are also divided into vacuum packaging, replacement gas packaging, packaging without oxygen and carbon dioxide absorbent and vacuum packaging with carbon dioxide absorbent. Now, most ordinary coffee on the market is packaged with carbon dioxide absorbent or vacuum with gas permeation valve

the newly developed new packaging of canned coffee is to put the coffee into the metal can within 30min after roasting and grinding, and seal it with vacuum technology. In this way, it can not only reduce the emission of coffee aroma, but also prevent the oxidation of products. In addition to the rising internal pressure caused by carbon dioxide emitted from coffee powder, this kind of packaging also bears the decreasing pressure caused by high vacuum or oxidation during filling and sealing. Most metal cans of other products on the market are filled with 1 ~ 2 beads in the tank body to prevent the metal cans from becoming concave or cracking due to the gradual reduction of internal pressure. This method is certainly possible, but the weight of metal cans will inevitably increase, and refitting the existing cans will increase the packaging cost. After repeated tests, the newly made packaging can is required to be composed of the tank body of the traditional metal can, the spill proof cover with vent hole, the full open end cover, the outer cover and the bottom of the can from June 1, 2008. The can body of this package does not carry beads, which is lighter than the metal cans of other similar products, and also saves the cost of changing the original can body, for example

in order to prevent coffee from spilling, this new can is also designed with a spill proof cover, which is made of LLDPE. Under the internal pressure of 0.03 ~ 0.07MPa, it is sealed on the metal tank together with the full open end cover. There is a deep notch around the full open end cover, which can be opened as long as the pull ring is lifted. In addition to being easy to open, the container has three unique functions:

first, there is a vent hole on the spill proof cover, which can adjust the pressure of the top space in the tank after the full open end cover is opened

second, the diameter of the breather has been scientifically measured to ensure that coffee particles will not leak out

III. The tearing strength of the full opening end cover is moderate and easy to open

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