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Stopping the printing of Centennial newspapers and new media will change reading. Interactive content services, mobile digital media and diversified profit models are the general trend of digital reading. Emerging wireless reading will also coexist with traditional journals for a long time. There is no doubt that this is also an unprecedented opportunity for wireless mobile device suppliers and journals. Han Ying

not long ago, the New York Times, the Centennial newspaper, announced that it would stop printing and fully realize networking. At the same time, Apple launched iPad, a touch-screen computer the size of an ordinary book. After it entered the market, the war in the e-book and reader market quickly spread from abroad to China. Some people infer that the era of paperless reading is coming soon

in the digital age, what remains unchanged is forever changing. At this time, someone broke into people's vision under the banner of saving the paper media. Who is so bold to shout? Is it a gimmick or does he have any real Kung Fu? This person's name is Han Ying, CEO of Viva (Beijing weiwangming industry research: Information Technology Co., Ltd.) wireless new media

wireless new media creates a new blue ocean

when I first met Han Ying, it is hard to imagine that this calm man dressed in a dark gray Chinese linen cotton padded jacket and full of Beijing style is a player who has set foot in today's most cutting-edge fields. It was such a person who finally failed to resist the temptation of wireless new media, abandoned his iron rice bowl and got on the express train of Viva magazine

what is wireless new media? What is its charm? Makes Han Ying make such a choice without hesitation? Speaking of this, the time has to go back to 2006

At the end of 2006, Han Ying resolutely left the position of deputy general manager of Beijing Branch of China Guotong group. In his own words, after living for more than 40 years, he suddenly wanted to do something by himself. I see that the Internet field, search, games, e-commerce and even video, are developing in full swing, and only one piece is still in the state of being cultivated, that is, wireless new media. He realized intuitively that this was a blue ocean. As a result, Han Ying plunged into the field of new media, and viva wireless new media was born

at first, my idea was to build a newsstand to put traditional newspapers, radio, television, etc. Han Ying's idea sounds simple, but how to operate it? Viva magazine adopts the way of mixed arrangement of pictures and texts, supports downloading and reading, and can return to reading after the user answers the call. It has the functions of collecting, sharing, commenting, scoring, etc. after the user clicks on the collection, he can read even if there is no link; Click the comment, the user can comment on the magazine content and reading experience, and view the comment content in time; What's more attractive is that users only need a little energy

it is understood that by the end of 2006, China had more than 400million users and 80million users, but few people used it to watch TV and magazines. Why? Small screen, tired! Slow down, hurry! There are few functions and little content

in the face of the doubt that cellene particles are a formula that does not contain silica gel, latex, phthalates or halogens, Han Ying said frankly: the problem you said did once hinder the development of new media, but with the increasing intelligence, especially the emergence of mobile terminals such as iPhone and iPad, it has greatly promoted the magnificent turn from communication terminals to information terminals. With the continuous improvement of technology and functions, personalized services, full terminal coverage, and fragmented reading, more and more consumers and even publishers are attracting more in-depth new profit channels such as reading

indeed, in recent years, through the close cooperation between publishers and telecom operators, China's digital reading has entered a period of rapid development. Such a set of data is enough to prove the prospects of this industry: in 2010, there were more than 580 periodical stations, and the total number of electronic periodicals has reached nearly 10000. At the same time, in the next few years, China's digital publishing users will increase by 30% and revenue by 50% annually. In terms of user demand, up to now, the number of Chinese citizens has increased to 420million, of which nearly 300million are the most widely used groups of mobile Internet. As one of the core applications of mobile Internet, wireless reading market demand is strong

in the face of such a huge market, viva has combined many paper media. According to Han Ying, viva has reached new media cooperation on media content with 1500 newspapers and magazines, including fashion group, Southern Newspaper Group, Ruili group, State Administration of sports newspaper group, National Geographic, Caixun group and Huaxie group. On average, more than 5 magazines are launched every day, and the paper media appear in the magazine. So far, the magazine has become the main product of Viva

traceless advertising opens up a new profit model

the industry has a bright future, but the field without money support can only become a moon in the water and a flower in the mirror. What is the profit model of the magazine? Advertising

it is understood that at present, advertising is the main source of income for both paper media and Internet. Then, what does the magazine rely on for a living? Our stage goal is to develop users, and the main profit model is advertising. I believe that advertising must also be the mainstream of wireless Internet, but now we have not found its real value. But the advertising form of wireless Internet will change a lot. Han Ying said

our current marketing model is mainly direct selling. This is a new model, which is different from the traditional periodical advertising model. We don't want this new model to be completely based on the payment standard of Internet advertising. We want to make our own advertising system and advertising model. Han Ying said that in order to distinguish from Internet plug-in and

flash rude advertising, viva has established its own advertising marketing concept and launched special issue advertising. The biggest advantage of this advertising model is that it is not like advertising

take automobile advertising as an example. Viva will build the history of this car from the earliest model to the slowly evolving history, and then to the process of improving the performance of the car, supplemented by pictures from different angles. Readers will feel that they are understanding the history of a car rather than looking at advertisements. It is a gentle and friendly advertising model. Han Ying calls this kind of advertising model "gentle and gentle friendly advertising", and the biggest feature of this kind of advertising is traceless

in Han Ying's iPad, I saw an electronic special issue of Mercedes Benz for a century. The home page is an old man with a beard, then the birth of an old car, and then the car style launched every year. Each car is accompanied by a description of how this model was designed, and what gags and episodes occurred in the design and production process. The special issue tells readers about the development and change history of an automobile brand in the long river of more than 100 years, so that readers naturally put down their resistance to advertising

of course, the practicality of advertising has also been taken into account. There are also some car purchase information next to the car picture. Where you can inquire and buy, you can directly dial the relevant information by touching the contact information next to your finger

in terms of business model, viva's approach is: users download from Viva's official web and WAP stations, iPhone, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Dopod and other app stores. Recently, after the iPad client is launched, you can also download the Viva changread client in the app store, which is completely free

however, with the rise of reading, various manufacturers have stepped into this market one after another, and the competitive advantage of simply being a reading client software manufacturer in the market is no longer obvious

in this regard, Han Ying frankly said that the development of wireless Internet is in the exploratory period, and many applications such as reading, games, browsers, mobile SNS will flourish and develop together in the 3G era. In the future, there will be more focus applications or even mass applications, and it is difficult to have killer applications used by hundreds of millions of people

facing the immature market, Han Ying chose to stick to it. In the face of another attack of the digital wave, the core attribute of periodicals as content producers will become increasingly prominent. Interactive content services, mobile digital media and diversified profit models are the general trend of digital reading. The emerging wireless reading will also coexist with traditional journals for a long time. With mobile terminals as the carrier, viva will seek common ground with Traditional Periodical Publishers, grow together, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and jointly build a new pattern of digital reading. We must be mentally prepared to fight a protracted war

the general is on his way and doesn't hit the rabbit! Han Ying decided to spend several years to improve the content, so as to better reflect the needs of consumers for magazines. There is no doubt that this is also an unprecedented opportunity for wireless mobile device suppliers and journals

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