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New opportunities for video conferencing

2014 is a year of change. In fact, in recent years, video conferencing based on remote audio and video communication and Internet technology has been undergoing various changes

unchanged may mean death. Some people say that due to the gradual change of office methods - from traditional meetings to online video conferences and mobile video conferences relying on Internet, our dependence on objective factors of participating in meetings will be greatly weakened

first, video conferencing has become the mainstream form of office

many years ago, using video conferencing for remote communication was very expensive, so generally, only large enterprises or groups can bear the high expenses of purchasing and deploying video conferencing. However, with the improvement of network bandwidth, the reduction of charging and the improvement of video conference rental services, video conference has gradually replaced the traditional conference and become the mainstream form of office communication and remote commerce. The application scenarios of video conference are very wide:

Second, differentiated video conference products and services - local deployment or product rental

A. Sequoia box video conference - stable, safe, locally deployable video conference product model

product features and functional advantages:

* good stability, single conference supports thousands of people concurrent at the same time

* integrates powerful instant messaging and data sharing functions

* Support PC, intelligent terminal, whiteboard in conference room, intelligent interactive large screen and other terminals

* support 1080p Full HD video and high fidelity sound effects

* can be seamlessly integrated with h.323/pstn, etc

* the open third-party interface can realize the docking with a variety of working systems

B.2. Yield strength( σ 0.2) Sequoia SaaS video conference - flexible, controllable, on-demand video conference rental option

product features functional advantages:

* 6-level distributed deployment, users can join the server nearby

* support HD audio and video, text chat, document sharing and annotation

* flexible use and high controllability of rental fees

* good stability, single meeting supports thousands of concurrent people

* thanks to its excellent performance, it integrates powerful instant messaging and data sharing functions

about: Sequoia video conference

Sequoia video conference system (), is a new generation of real-time interactive working platform launched by Sequoia (Hangzhou 4, experimental steps:) Information Technology Co., Ltd. Without high cost, enterprises can easily have a high-quality, stable and easy to deploy video conference system to meet the needs of audio and video communication, data interaction, remote sharing and assistance, effectively support work meetings, business training, collaborative office and other work, and achieve the business goal of reducing communication costs and improving work efficiency

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