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Cultural fashion: new strategies for book marketing

books have dual attributes. Books not only have the attribute of commodities, which can bring sales profits to enterprises, but also have the attribute of information carrier, which can convey a certain corporate culture to readers in sales activities. Therefore, book sales is also a kind of creation and transmission of corporate culture. Clever Bookstore operators are good at playing the "cultural card", desalinating the commercial flavor of book sales, skillfully "promoting" the business philosophy and cultural fashion advocated by the enterprise to readers in book sales, and deducting book sales from simple commercial activities to cultural activities with certain social significance, In the value orientation of readers and the trend of social and cultural fashion advocated by enterprises, stimulate and activate the potential needs of readers, and cultivate a broad market space for the sustainable development of bookstores

use public opinion to build momentum

holidays are often a good opportunity for bookstores to promote sales. Many bookstores are used to taking discount sales as the "main program" of promotion. However, today, when readers' needs are diversified and personalized, this business mode with obvious commercial color is difficult to stimulate readers' shopping enthusiasm. The marketing strategy of program promotion of Xinhua Bookstore in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province is worth appreciating. In the "June 1st" promotional activities last year, they updated their marketing concepts, changed the traditional practice of 10% discount for festivals in the past, and carefully planned a series of promotional activities with the theme of "wishing children a happy holiday and let books grow up with children in a healthy way". The activities were rich in content, including six activities, including the popular science quality education book exhibition, the city's primary and secondary school students' encyclopedic knowledge award-winning Q & A, and carried out propaganda through television stations, newspapers and other media, In the city, a public opinion atmosphere and social fashion that let good books nourish children's hearts have been formed, and a Book Buying boom has been skillfully "created". With the support of their parents, children actively participate in activities organized by bookstores, in which more than 5000 participants participated in the city's primary and secondary school students' encyclopedia knowledge award-winning Q & A activity organized by the store's book club. The book recommendation book "the latest 100 encyclopedias for children in the 21st century", which is usually difficult to sell, More than 100 sets were sold at once. These activities not only enriched the children's holiday life, but also achieved social and economic benefits of good teaching, which greatly exceeded the previous preferential discounts in book sales and social impact

the experience of Jiujiang Xinhua Bookstore shows that the process of bookstore management, in a sense, is the process of constantly updating marketing ideas, that is, the process of constantly expanding marketing ideas. The pattern of the book market is changing, the connotation of readers' needs is changing, and the marketing ideas and marketing strategies of book distribution should also adapt to this change. The key to innovation is to break through the shackles of traditional thinking, put book distribution in the whole social market environment for market-oriented operation, weaken the commercial flavor of book distribution, increase the cultural content of book distribution, and organize meaningful social activities with books as "links", Expand the social influence of book distribution enterprises, and increase the satisfaction coefficient of high readers' needs with the gradual investment of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles in the market

seek benefits from social resources

the marketing resources of bookstores are limited, which means that bookstores, as enterprises, have extremely limited marketing resources; Infinite means that the development and utilization of marketing is infinite when the society restores power supply. Bookstore operators should learn to be "Directors", be good at exploring the internal significance of book business activities, combine book business activities with social hot spots, combine a variety of market elements in socially meaningful marketing themes, and transform more social resources into resources available for book distribution, so as to improve the marginal effect of book distribution. Social marketing resources are very rich, such as celebrity resources, government resources, public opinion resources, among which celebrity resources are the most widely used resources. The business idea of developing celebrities in a gift store in Brazil inspired us. Due to its small size, remoteness and relatively light business, the boss suddenly had a whim and thought of a unique trick to attract celebrities. He broadcast an advertisement on local television to publicize his new store rules: "celebrities from all walks of life do not have to pay for shopping, but they must prove their identity with their unique trick." After the advertisement was broadcast, some celebrities felt strange and wanted to be famous. For a time, the store was full of customers and business was booming. Under normal circumstances, celebrities can't patronize such a small store. Even if they do, the store can't afford to pay the "appearance fee". However, the owner of the store takes advantage of the celebrity's sense of achievement to make many celebrities come uninvited, not only don't need to pay the "appearance fee", but also takes advantage of the opportunity for celebrities to show their unique skills in the small store to attract countless customers, making the small gift store instantly worth hundreds of times, forming a new added value. It's also a gift that customers buy here, But feel the value for money. In recent years, asking celebrities to sign books has become a common way for bookstores to use celebrity resources, but we might as well broaden our thinking. In addition to signing books, bookstores have a broad operating space for developing and using celebrity resources. For example, when a Xinhua Bookstore asked celebrities to sign books, it jumped out of the circle of signing for signature, and planned a live Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, UK, with the theme of "authors and readers share love" A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of technology, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Colorado Institute of mining found that Dong donated the income of the book to a local model worker who was hospitalized with uremia. As the taste of the activity was improved, readers participated in the love purchase of books one after another. The author was moved by the scene of readers' enthusiastic purchase, and took another 10000 yuan as a donation. Finally, the manager of Xinhua Bookstore and celebrities personally sent them to the hospital. The local media made key reports, which improved the popularity of Xinhua bookstore

seize the excitement of readers

different reader groups have different excitement points, and the excitement points of readers can be transformed into purchase impulse under certain conditions. Therefore, to seize the excitement of readers is to seize the selling point of books. Some bookstores strive to explore and enhance the inherent cultural connotation in the content of books, find the common ground between the cultural connotation of books and the excitement of readers, and endow book sales activities with warm emotional colors to stimulate readers' reading enthusiasm in the interaction between the cultural connotation of books and the excitement of readers. Shanghai is a bookstore. Before publishing a book about the extraordinary experience of the "old three" educated youth in the northern wilderness, a notice was published in the newspaper to inform the top 30 readers who bought books on the day of the first ceremony of the bookstore that they could enjoy free treatment. One stone provoked thousands of waves. Although this revelation was few, it aroused the "complex" of a large number of "old three" intellectual young people in the northern wilderness, and had a strong emotional resonance. They rushed to tell each other, met in bookstores, and vented their feelings for the Northern Wilderness in the way of buying books. Due to the large number of buyers, the 5000 books purchased by the bookstore sold out, which fully shows the charm of cultural promotion

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