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New perspective of special inks

molding shrinkage: 0.7% flash ink, pearlescent ink, fluorescent ink, temperature variable ink - the names of these special inks alone sound exciting

special ink, as the name suggests, is an ink with special functions that can make the package or its contents have special functions, such as improving the anti-counterfeiting function of the product, enhancing the added value of the product, or increasing the trust of consumers

one of the disadvantageous factors in the application of special inks is the high cost. One reason is that the raw materials used in special inks are more expensive and the technology is more advanced, which is also the root of the special functions of special inks. Another reason is that the formula of these inks is generally customized or targeted according to customer requirements

of course, this does not mean that brand users will be deterred by the high price of special ink. For brand packaging, using special ink is a practical measure. If you want to make your packaging have distinctive features, make the packaging pattern more attractive, or make consumers more confident to buy and increase the anti-counterfeiting function of the product, then special ink is an ideal choice

the special ink provided by Sun Chemical can meet almost any requirements, from product publicity, brand protection, functionality to anti-counterfeiting. The company divides special inks into four categories: functional inks, safety inks, anti-counterfeiting inks and innovative inks. Of course, the functions of these inks are not single. For example, temperature change inks can be used as functional inks, and can also be used for product anti-counterfeiting to improve consumer safety

the application of several typical special inks and some new special inks are introduced in detail below

temperature change ink

temperature change ink refers to the ink whose color changes at a specific temperature, which is divided into reversible and irreversible types. For example, reversible temperature change ink can be used on the label of coffee package to determine whether the coffee is too hot or too cold through color change or information display. It can also be used in baby shower gel to indicate whether the temperature of bath water is overheated. Irreversible temperature change ink can be used to indicate whether a specific sterilization temperature is reached, or whether the temperature of the product during reference transportation and storage is too low or too high. At present, temperature change inks are mostly reversible temperature change inks

fluorescent ink

fluorescent ink can be used for product anti-counterfeiting or enhance the attractiveness of images. Color fluorescent ink can be seen under ordinary light, while it can produce fluorescent effect under UV lamp. Invisible fluorescent ink can hardly be seen in ordinary light, but it can emit fluorescence under UV lamp. Uv/ir reactive ink can react to ultraviolet and infrared rays at the same time. Under the infrared ray with the wavelength of 980n m, this ink can emit bright green fluorescence, while under the ultraviolet ray, it can display another fluorescent effect

the fluorescent ink provided by uvitec has a variety of color series, such as yellow, orange, red, magenta, green and cyan. In addition, there is pink fluorescent color, which can be used as the fifth color in printing to embellish the skin color in the printed image and expand the tonal range of magenta ink. These inks can be used in flexographic printing, rotary silk printing, offset printing and relief printing. Alden Ott printing inks' starlight fluorescent inks give printers more choices in printing speed and color intensity. These inks can be heat transferred, and provide traditional color samples and Pantone color samples. Fluorescent ink can also be used in small decorations, running shoes, wallpaper (used for instructions in dark corridors). However, like other special inks, fluorescent inks will also affect the printing speed in printing, and in order to achieve high coverage, silk printing is often used

metal ink

metal ink can make the product packaging on the shelf produce a dazzling effect. Water bright metal ink of water ink technology company can provide good metal luster and excellent printability. Meterorite

metal ink of Alden Ott printing ink company is specially used for narrow width flexographic printing. Due to the use of very small metal particles, it can support high-quality overprint. For meterorite series metal inks, it is recommended to use high-speed corrugated rollers to obtain better ink coverage

metal ink can also be used as a more economical method to replace aluminum foil. When the area of aluminum foil on the package is less than 25%, it is more cost-effective to use metal ink instead of aluminum foil

environmental ink and coating company provides several different metal inks: Aqua gloss series metal inks have the best friction resistance; The aquasparkle series has bright performance and high stability. Eckart's ultra Star metal ink can achieve the same printing effect as aluminum foil

Sun Chemical signed an agreement with metalfx technology in the UK to become the official ink manufacturer of metalfx, providing ink products for paper packaging, soft packaging, hard packaging and commercial printing, and achieving metal effects on packaging by using metalfx solutions. Metalfx uses the transparency of CMYK four-color ink to overprint CMYK four-color ink on metalfxbase silver ink to realize thousands of printing colors. The colors are controlled by m e t a l F X software and the color sample itself. Silver ink is specially designed and has good adhesion with CMYK ink on the upper layer. According to the process introduction of m e t a l F X company, printing silver ink first and then overprinting standard CMYK ink can make an ordinary four-color print show up to 615 kinds of metallic colors

other special inks

now the market is interested in two-color inks (color transfer), flash inks, pearlescent inks, expansion inks and three-dimensional inks

r a d-c u r e company can provide UV and water-based two-color inks for flexographic printing, which are suitable for paper and most plastic films. When viewed from different angles, the ink changes from hazy white to another color. Two color ink can improve the attractiveness and anti-counterfeiting function of products. In addition, the effect of this ink changing color cannot be captured by the copier or scanner

flash ink can improve the yield limit of labels, cartons, P o p displays and stickers (2) determination of low carbon steel σ S and strength limit of cast iron σ B. the visual appeal of paper. Rad-krome series UV, water-based flash ink and pearlescent ink of rad cure company can be used for flexographic printing and silk printing. In order to improve the visual effect of different inks, uvitec company produces a kind of rotary silk printing UV flash coating, which can be coated online to improve the ink effect. Siegwerk ink's phosphorescent ink can continue to glow after turning off the light source. This ink can be used in products such as labels and toys, through gravure printing and silk printing

flint ink company has developed an ink system called holographink process, which can print eye-catching holographic effects without using expensive holographic materials, generate various holographic colors and patterns, and form exquisite details and accurate positioning on the printing materials. It can be used in the fields of product decoration, brand recognition, security and anti-counterfeiting. In a variety of printing materials, such as PE, PP and PVC, can achieve high adhesion strength

at present, the main feature of special inks is to attract visual attention. Hearing and taste may change in a short time. Relatively speaking, taste and touch attract more and more attention. Ink suppliers are doing their best to develop inks that can stimulate facial features. Although the cost is high, the good economic benefits will not make the manufacturers give up

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