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Tianfeng energy-saving modular steel structure building helps the development of environmental protection industry

Tianfeng energy-saving modular steel structure building helps the development of environmental protection industry

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with the acceleration of domestic urbanization, the traditional economic structure and production mode are facing transformation and adjustment, and the construction industry is facing new situations and tasks. With the continuous growth of national infrastructure investment, the key support of industrial policies, and the market increasingly recognizes the advantages of green and energy-saving steel structure buildings. Modular steel structure buildings are moving from large-scale landmark high-rise buildings to ordinary urbanization residential projects

as a leading enterprise in the industrialization of steel structure housing in China, Tianfeng has the first-class qualification for general contracting of housing construction engineering (limited to the main works of steel structure), the first-class qualification for special engineering design of light-weight Housing steel and input environmental parameters structure, the first-class qualification for steel structure engineering construction and the special qualification for steel structure manufacturing enterprises, and can contract housing construction projects with 40 floors and below and various spans with steel structure as the main body; Structures with a height of 240 meters or less; Residential quarters or building groups with a construction area of 200000 square meters or less. Tianfeng company is also in the forefront of the industrialization of steel structure housing: Zhengzhou Foxconn steel structure staff dormitory, Xinxiang chamber of Commerce building, the highest steel structure building in Northern Henan, China Gui'an Innovation Park Science and technology demonstration innovation building and other projects are designed and constructed by Tianfeng company

Founded in 1997, Tianfeng company is located in the beautiful Xinxiang national high tech Industrial Park. It is a modular energy-saving building steel. Its specific functions include policy services, office space leasing, investment and financing services, related consulting services and other structures, new building materials, and the research, development, production of plastic products cold bending forming machinery for small household appliances The formulation of installation technical standards and specifications must be compatible with China's current economic development level and technical development level. It is a high-tech group company, the largest polyurethane energy-saving board manufacturing base in China, the largest color profiled steel plate, thermal insulation composite board and steel structure production base in six central provinces, and one hundred key enterprises in Henan Province

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