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Ti: understand how innovation in the field of automation has changed the world

Beijing, January 3, 2019/AP/-- automation technology is being used in your home, car, office and factory, and will become an integral part of our daily life

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in intelligent buildings and factories, machines and equipment can think independently and talk to each other. Building managers and manufacturers of transmission systems look forward to the day when their equipment can operate autonomously. But automation technology is not just used in buildings and factories. When we drive home, the car will tell our house to turn on the lights. The office will adjust the temperature according to the number of people in the office. Traffic lights will block the valves and oil circuits, and know when to turn on the lights according to the traffic conditions of cars and pedestrians. All kinds of possibilities will happen

from robots in factories to electronic devices in various applications such as modern electricity and smart home appliances, with the continuous progress of sensing technology and processing technology, our life will become more intelligent and interconnected, said Stefan of our European company. What I call the contact points of cars, houses and factories of strain gauge sensors will collect real-time processed data and enable machines, robots and sensors to communicate with each other

from November 13 to 16, we showed all kinds of innovations mentioned above at the world's leading electronic components exhibition, Munich electronics exhibition, Germany. To understand all kinds of innovative technologies in the electronic exhibition, please click the corresponding pictures below to view the comprehensive interpretation of intelligent buildings, intelligent factories and intelligent cars, and understand how industrial innovation plays a role today

intelligent building

using IOT technology can intelligently manage buildings in a more sustainable and cost-effective way, but it requires more edge computing and more and more semiconductor components. A series of innovations in the field of automation will make buildings safer, smarter and more efficient. Using the sensing function of Texas Instruments' intelligent detection, when the system cannot operate normally, the building manager will immediately receive an alarm, reducing downtime and inconvenience

at the electronics exhibition, we focused on the sensing function of Texas Instruments and the connection technology of connecting various power lines, which can support a variety of wireless protocols, including Bluetooth, thread, ZigBee and WiFi. Click here to learn about the future of smart housing:

smart factory

Industrial IOT is very important in factory design. Manufacturers not only need more intelligent technology to help factories operate more effectively, but also expect to predict problems before they occur. This means transferring data to the cloud and between machines. Manufacturers will need industrial automation, robotics, predictive maintenance, and machine vision to get more efficient production lines. Click here to learn about the future smart factory:

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intelligent driving

automotive design engineers continue to find ways to improve vehicle driving, including maximizing the driving distance per charge, improving vehicle perception and driver visibility, and improving passenger comfort and convenience. Manufacturers are turning to innovations such as automotive electrification, digital cockpit, connectivity and autonomous driving technology to create a better driving experience. Click here to learn about smart cars in the future:

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