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Tiancheng paper chose GE's Proficy process control system to realize pulp control

Ge intelligent platform announced today that Tiancheng paper products Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guangxi Nongken sugar group, chose GE's Proficy process control system, a DCS breakthrough system, for plant wide equipment interlocking and data acquisition. Tiancheng paper products company is located in Laibin, China, with an annual output of 95000 tons of bleached pulp. The company chose Proficy process control to provide us with a very convenient system as a part of the plant automation system to improve production efficiency, operator efficiency and asset optimization

through the Proficy process control system, Ge intelligent platform provides a set of advanced DCS system expressed by BASF executive vice chairman and chief technology officer Bo mule, which transmits the power and efficiency of the distributed control system with unparalleled flexibility, openness and cost performance. Because the software layer of Proficy system is solidified in the process control system, optimization, analysis and production management can be easily realized on it

this successful and different processes require repeatedly putting and taking out aluminum profiles. Let's see another example of Chinese customers seeing our system advantages. In this challenging global business environment, customers in China and around the world are facing increasing pressure to develop and optimize their business. In terms of improving quality, output and providing continuous competitive advantages, accurate, flexible and highly available process control capabilities are more important than ever, said Mr. Steve Ryan, general manager of Ge intelligent platform process solutions

proficy process systems is based on contemporary hardware and software infrastructure, providing the advantages of traditional DCS systems. Proficy process systems provides scalability, allowing customers to build systems that match their current business and can easily synchronize with their future development. Integrating the Proficy historian in the data acquisition set can analyze the operability at the same time, so as to optimize the performance and efficiency

the high operating efficiency and low defect rate brought by reducing downtime are exactly what we need from GE, said Mr. Nong Hao, general manager of Tiancheng paper products. Proficy process systems helps us achieve a higher production level with the same amount of resources

the professional service team of Ge intelligent platform provides support from the initial system design to installation and after-sales

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