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Tiancheng wiring adds color to the leading enterprise of machine tools

Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Qinchuan machine tool factory), moved from Shanghai to Baoji, Shaanxi Province in 1965. It is China's precision machine tool manufacturing industry. 2. When using projectors, keep away from water or humidity Leading enterprises in the industry

the company has 3472 employees (including holding subsidiaries), including more than 60 people with master's degree or above, 1115 professional and technical personnel of all kinds, and 8 national experts. By the end of 2005, the total assets of the company were 1.63 billion yuan, forming six major industrial clusters, including precision CNC machine tools, plastic machinery and new environmental protection materials, hydraulic and automotive parts, precision special gear transmission, precision machine tool castings, CNC systems for medium and high-end special machine tools, and maintenance services for CNC machine tools. With more than 20 holding and joint-stock companies, it is the actual controlling party of the listed company Shaanxi Qinchuan Machinery Development Co., Ltd. (stock code 000837)

in August 2006, Shaanxi Qinchuan Machinery Development Co., Ltd. and Canadian Future Technology Co., Ltd. Dr. Song Weining jointly established Qinchuan future Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qinchuan future company or Qinchuan future plastic machinery company). ldquo; The new materials developed by Guoliang copper are currently being tested by the nationally recognized authoritative testing center

this project mainly involves the weak current wiring of the new comprehensive office building and plant area of Qinchuan future Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., involving 400 data information points, 286 voice points, about 2km optical cables, modules, panels, etc. after obtaining the project information, We quickly made a practical examination of the pipeline layout on the customer's site and made a lot of communication. Because the drawings of the preliminary design institute have been separated for several years, according to the needs of the rapid development of the enterprise, the weak current design of the original drawings is far from meeting the needs of customers. In addition, Dr. Song Weining, from Canada Future Technology Co., Ltd., is familiar with foreign management concepts and has very high requirements for informatization, so, We are required to make necessary changes to the original design. After fully understanding the customer's needs, we have made many changes and communication to the customer's design, and finally finalized it. At the time of introduction, the civil engineering party has laid some pipelines in place. Due to the design changes, the customer requires the civil engineering contractor to change the pipeline layout according to our changed design. At present, the pipeline route change work is in progress. In terms of brand designation, Customers are familiar with foreign brands such as AMP, Avaya, Simon, etc. later, after regular comprehensive technical parameter comparison and factory leadership meeting review, Tiancheng brand finally won with high cost performance and many typical national large-scale engineering cases. The whole link of weak current wiring of all systems in this project is designated as the only brand of Tiancheng, and the customer designated Tiancheng products on the spot at the review meeting to benefit from this brand

Shaanxi Qinchuan Machinery Development Co., Ltd., as the leader of the domestic machine tool industry and a listed enterprise with a history of decades, the entry of Tiancheng brand is undoubtedly the combination of the strong, which sets a model for the national machine tool industry and provides the most basic guarantee for the high quality of the machine tool industry in weak current projects, thus benefiting the majority of users. At the same time, it also drives the weak current wiring party in the machine tool industry to invest in cast iron, cast alloy Brittle materials such as building materials are especially suitable for the idea and consciousness of the face, which has played a benchmark and warning role for the standardization of the weak current market and the normalization of weak current production enterprises, and laid a solid foundation for Tiancheng to become a century old enterprise

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