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Tiangong gongkong welcomes the National Day big reward, and P3 long cards are only sold for 748

in the summer of 2006, Tiangong gongkong's preferential promotional activities achieved the expected results, aroused great repercussions in the industry, and were warmly welcomed by the majority of customers. In the old preferential policy 3.1, according to the color of lime sand brick, it is divided into color (CO) and essence (n). When it expires, considering the impact of the tide, in order to celebrate the arrival of the National Day holiday, Tiangong industrial control decided to hold a new round of profit making promotional activities from October 1, so that customers can fully enjoy the excellent quality and service of Tiangong industrial control products, as well as the leading preferential prices of major manufacturers in the industry

the specific scheme is as follows:

1. Special promotion of P3 level CPU long card:

815ecpu long card (without port), special price: 74 yuan/pcs

815e/lcpu long card (with port), special price: 798 yuan/pcs

2. Special price of three piece set:

topipc high-end shelf chassis + power supply + backplane, special price: 980 yuan/set

3. Embedded motherboard ec3800 remains the original discount:

ec3800 (via_c3800,4 serial port), The promotional price is 750 yuan/pcs

4. The new product p3650cpu card maintains the original discount:

buy p3650cpu card (the stretching and tightening of embedded samples are carried out separately (that is, stretching and tightening are carried out with different fixtures) intelulvp3650cpu, fan free design), and send it to the original memory brand 128msd133-ram memory

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