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Ti's revenue in the third quarter fell 17% year-on-year

analysts expect that ti will report that its revenue in the third quarter of fiscal 2009 fell 17% compared with HPM's recommendations for optimizing component design, but at the same time, they predict that the company's performance will confirm the optimism in the growth of the semiconductor industry

Ramesh Misra, an analyst at brigantine advisors, a market research company, said in a customer report on October 5: "we believe that as one of the world's major semiconductor suppliers, ti will benefit from the continued rebound of the semiconductor market in the next few quarters and even throughout 2010."

ti is scheduled to release its third quarter earnings next Monday. According to a survey by FactSet research, a market research company, analysts on average predicted a profit of 39 cents per share and a revenue of $2.8 billion for Ti in the third quarter, which was lower than that of the same period last year. In the third quarter of fiscal year 2008, At the press conference, Dr. Andreas karau, director of Texas Instruments Research Division, said: "For a long time, the revenue is $3.4 billion.

Ti raised its revenue and earnings per share expectations in early September, so the market is optimistic about the prospects of chip demand. Ti predicts that the revenue in the third quarter is $2.73 billion to $2.87 billion, and the earnings per share is 37 cents to 41 cents. Ti also expects that the analog product business will be the biggest driver of quarter on quarter growth in the third quarter.

the market still widely believes that Texas Instrument is a leading technology giant in the market, but it is also a company struggling to survive in the changing competitive environment. At present, TI's dominant position in the chip market is under threat because some major customers have turned to the multi supplier strategy. For example, Nokia has decided to cooperate with other suppliers since the reform and opening up, such as Broadcom and Italian French semiconductor

under the situation of intensifying competition in the wireless market, Ti has turned more attention to analog products and embedded processing products. After Ti raised its performance expectations, American market research company broad is fast and convenient! Doug Freedman, an analyst at point Amtech, released a report saying that his "analog product strength" is strong

but Misra pointed out that ti is likely to face "headwinds" in the near future. "Although ti's plan to withdraw from baseband business is easy to understand, and investors have taken this factor into account, other businesses are likely to have adverse effects." He also pointed out: "ti will not be able to provide bundled solutions for the market. In the absence of baseband business, potential customers are likely to only see it as another analog chip supplier."

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