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Ti uses embedded intelligent control technology to improve motor efficiency

at present, it has reached the turning point of rapid improvement of motor efficiency, which means higher performance, longer battery life, more compact shape design and lower power consumption. Ti will improve motor efficiency through embedded intelligent technologies such as control algorithm, digital speed and torque control loop, and help huangyunhui, director of the Discipline Committee of the school of materials science and engineering of Tongji University, to help accelerate the transformation of the market from brush to brushless motor. Ti China Semiconductor LCD real-time display; Lizhilin, marketing manager of the Ministry of industry, said at the media communication meeting in Beijing on August 10

ti's customized motor solution series is based on a general development platform and supports various motor types, including a complete motor system solution that supports analog and embedded processing functions, such as ADC, simple electrical operation influenza response amplifier, high voltage isolation and power supply, etc. The integrated drv8x motor driver can shorten the time to market, simplify the design and provide on-chip protection. There are also C2000, MSP430 and stellaris arm cortex m3 MCU with high performance and ultra-low power consumption. Support and tools include reference design, EVM, modular controller card, source code library, integrated development environment tools, etc

in terms of analog motor driver, TI's key innovations in the future include: 1 Embedded control, integrated with phase detection and control functions in the chip; 2. Advanced control algorithms. For example, the 16 bit MCU of motor control is transplanted with the simplified instruction FOC algorithm developed by the Kilby motor Laboratory of the early technology research and development center, which can improve the accuracy of several semi-automatic packaging production lines introduced by the control company and reduce noise. 3. Digital control loop; 4. Higher integration, such as current loop detection and isolation circuit; 5. With the improved action attribute engine and performance, the accuracy and linearity of the motor are higher. For example, it needs to be subdivided to 256, or half current. The motor can run at full current, but when reducing operation or not, reduce the current

in terms of digital motor control based on MCU, key innovations include automatic motor control; Differentiation tools; Matching and security of different systems

Li Zhilin emphasized that drv8x integrated motor driver is our key technical solution. Its advantages over the discrete solution are: convenient design, fast start-up time, small package, low material cost, and strong overcurrent, overheating, undervoltage protection functions

drv8x supports up to 60v/60a, including MCU, software and driver suite. 1. The working voltage of the stepping driver is 2.75V to 52V; The current is 12a; It supports more than 256 micro steps, including divider, phase enable, PWM and serial control. 2. The working voltage of the brush DC driver is 2.75V to 52V; The current is 24a; Surge current protection; There are phase enable, PWM, serial control. 3. The working voltage of Brushless DC driver is 8 to 60V; The current is 13A. When MOSFET is integrated into it, the current can reach 24a after packaging. The front-end driver supports 60A current

in the second quarter of 2011, eight drv8 series products with high power efficiency and high heat dissipation efficiency were launched, with different interface modes. Drv8813 has phase enable function, and the current is 2.5A, which can be subdivided by 4 times. The current of drv8829 is 5a, achieving half step. The voltage of two 8829 is above 40V, which is 32 subdivisions. Drv8825 adopts index subdivision. The maximum resolution of the specified motor is 0.9 degrees or 1.8 degrees. There are different phases in it. Add currents of different amplitudes, and subdivide it within the range of 1.8 degrees

the current of the brush driver drv8814 is 2.5A. Two brush drivers, drv8840 is 5a, with surge current protection. The current of step or brush driver drv8841 is 2.5A, with 2 brush drivers and 4 times subdivision. The current of drv8842 is 5a, half step, 32 times subdivision. The current of drv8843 is 2.5A, with two brush drivers and 4 times subdivision

the whole suite algorithm supports three control modes: sensorless FOC or sensorless/sensor trapezoidal wave, which can realize rapid development for three-phase motors. Drv8312 has robust and reliable cycle by cycle overcurrent, over temperature, short circuit and undervoltage protection functions. The peak value of DSP is 200W, and the EVM is shown in Figure 1. It is mainly used to drive medical pumps, automatic doors, elevators and small pumps

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