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Ti solar energy acquisition kit brings wireless sensor network with sustainable power supply

-- ez430-rf2500-she kit perfectly combines cymbet's enerchip thin film battery solution with TI's ultra-low power MSP430 microprocessor and RF technology

editor's note: Recently, Ti announced that it aims at industry, transportation Agricultural and commercial applications have launched a solar energy acquisition (SEH) development kit that can convert ambient light into power, which fully meets the needs of wireless network system designers for alternative energy

recently, Texas Instruments (TI) announced the launch of a solar energy acquisition (SEH) development kit that can convert ambient light into power for applications in industry, transportation, agriculture, commerce and other fields, which fully meets the needs of wireless network system designers for alternative energy. The ez430-rf2500-she kit, which is only the size of a credit card, perfectly combines the energy chip thin film battery technology of cymbet with Ti MSP430 microprocessor (MCU), CC2500 radio frequency (RF) transceiver and ez430-rf2500 development tools. Now, developers can build self powered wireless sensor networks based on solar energy, so that there is no need to use system batteries that need to be replaced regularly, which is particularly practical for remote areas. Ez430-rf2500-seh kit has now begun to provide samples, which can be ordered through Ti e-mall or authorized distributors (for more details, please visit:)

in remote or inconvenient areas, the integration of wireless sensors is increasing, and the volume is becoming smaller and smaller. So far, designers usually use storage components such as button batteries or No. 5 batteries to provide core power for wireless devices. However, this type of storage technology can not achieve the best combination of charging, storage, discharge and small-size characteristics, so it is difficult to meet the needs of wireless devices for sustainable power supply. Now, by perfectly integrating cymbet's enerchip technology with TI's MSP430 microprocessor and CC2500 RF technology, the energy collector can achieve more efficient storage, processing and transmission in both strong and weak light environments

main features and advantages of ez430-rf2500-seh

the high-efficiency solar panel connected by the enerchip energy acquisition module can provide enough power to drive wireless applications even under weak ambient lighting conditions

adopt the energhip solid-state thin-film lithium battery technology of cymbet to improve the energy conversion efficiency when using the energy acquisition module to store and supply power

cymbet enerchips is a rechargeable, efficient and environment-friendly battery. After a single charge, it can support up to 400 times of signal transmission without ambient light

ti's ez430-rf2500 development tool based on USB can provide the software and hardware required for programming MSP430 microprocessors and low-power wireless transceivers on the stamp size target board

msp430 microprocessor has excellent features such as ultra-low power consumption, fast wake-up and system on chip (SOC) peripheral integration. It can support maintenance free and self powered sensors while reducing board space

cc2500 RF transceiver can operate in the 2.4GHz frequency band, which is very suitable for low-cost and high reliability digital wireless applications

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