Shangpin natural color green city jointly designed

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This time, 520 made a happy home, Shangpin natural color and Greentown jointly designed to jointly build 520 happy space station! What kind of spark does our goalkeeper make? Let's have a look

advocate the natural color of the product & What kind of spark will green city's joint design spark

this 520 creates a happy home, Shangpin natural color and Greentown joint design to jointly build a 520 happy space station! What kind of spark does our goalkeeper make

Greentown's joint designers inherit Greentown's technology and Greentown's high-quality platform, rely on years of experience in hardbound design, and professionally provide top-notch high-quality design services. While upholding the true colors of products, the artistic wooden door born for space has built a 1+n space customization system. Products and design are strongly combined. Design and products rely on and realize each other, and adhere to the concept of "high quality" and "strong design", Provide consumers with high-quality services

520 what kind of power is the happiness space designed by the happiness space station

Design is knowing that“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”_ Leonardo da Vinci.

design is to understand what Leonardo da Vinci said, "the most complicated is the most simple"

design is the true work of the art

home of art creation

art design is just making things line up

the result of art arrangement is home

(designers interview wonderful gags, please look forward to it)

the collision between design and art

the combination of quality and taste

the true colors of products & Greentown joint design

big guy collision

what our designer wants to build is our 520 happiness space station

our door of 520 happiness space station

the sound of birds and alarm bells in the morning woke you up. Look at your sleeping partner beside you. You gently get dressed and get out of bed, go into the kitchen, prepare light breakfast for your beloved family, and then wake them up to spend a tense and warm morning together. Then, you go to work, go to school, go to the park to exercise, and when you come back, you will pass the vegetable market to bring back the dishes of the day

in life, we increasingly hope for a ceremonial life, so we pay more and more attention to 520 one by one. This day is about a happy time. In the name of happiness, we make an advertisement for design and a date with a spaceman

life and home start with happiness and end with happiness. Here, in the name of home, order you to be happy





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