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Now the number of door and window enterprises is increasing year by year, and the competition between door and window enterprises is becoming more and more intense. Accordingly, the competition pressure of shopping malls will also be increasing. Faced with the harsh competition of shopping malls, many door and window enterprises try their best, and some invite stars to speak for them to add brand awareness; Some engage in promotional activities to attract the attention of more consumers; Some make articles and make gimmicks on the brand... Maybe some enterprises win in this fight, but they can't hold their feet; Others fell down and quietly quit the door and window profession

in fact, in the white hot market competition, only by grasping the product quality from the source and broadening the way of sales, can door and window enterprises stand out from the tight encirclement and gain a firm foothold in this harsh competition

change ideas: product quality is the key to the development of door and window enterprises

now, more and more door and window enterprises take advertising as the focus of development, rely too much on advertising, put too much energy on product marketing, and neglect the quality of products themselves. There is also a misunderstanding in many door and window enterprises: as long as more and more people know my products, they won't worry about not selling them. As everyone knows, only by mastering the quality of products can we really win the hearts of consumers

now, door and window enterprises are facing an unprecedented dilemma. Some door and window enterprises only see the sales performance and expansion speed. In order to seek profits, they do not hesitate to tighten their costs by cutting corners. Although these practices can obtain certain benefits in the short term, they will have a great impact on the development of the door and window profession in the long run. If door and window enterprises always rely on such methods to obtain benefits, neglect the quality of products, and even use some fake and inferior products to perfunctory consumers, over time, consumers will no longer cooperate, and wooden door enterprises will also lose their trust and will eventually be thrown away by consumers

magic weapon for winning: product quality is the weapon of door and window enterprises' market competition.

doors and windows are closely connected with people's daily life, and the quality of doors and windows also directly affects the health of consumers. Therefore, the quality of products of door and window enterprises is the most concerned about by consumers, and door and window enterprises should put product quality in the first place

as a member of society, door and window enterprises should also do their part in seeking certain interests. They should not neglect the concept of honest operation, and should root out those behaviors of cutting corners and shoddy goods. In this way, the product quality of door and window enterprises can be effectively guaranteed. As for door and window enterprises, strengthening product quality management and ensuring product quality is the way for door and window enterprises to survive. As long as the quality of products is ensured, they can have the qualifications to talk about others. As long as the quality of products is ensured, door and window enterprises can better cope with the fierce market competition

under the condition of ensuring product quality, the expansion of channels must also keep up with

as the saying goes: those who get the channels win the world. Door and window enterprises in the white hot competition market, under the condition of early ensuring product quality, they also need to implement the way construction in place

diversification of ways

as far as the current door and window shopping malls are concerned, the products of door and window enterprises are homogenized. Door and window enterprises are constantly expanding the shopping malls together, and the cost of publicity and sales is also gradually rising. Because of the limited human and financial resources, enterprises pay more and more attention to how to choose a useful and economic way, and then effectively expand the shopping malls to achieve the maximum output with the minimum input. With the intensification of market competition and the increasingly rational consumption concept of consumers, many door and window enterprises have gone deep into the competition of marketing concept and overall market promotion from the simple "appearance" competition of products, prices and market placement in the past

the old and new ways cannot be thrown away, and the suitable way is the most useful.

with the continuous development of the Internet profession, the traditional form of home shopping malls has been gradually impacted, and there are also some debates in the professional circles of doors and windows on the selection of shopping malls. As for the question of whether large-scale stores should be settled, there are also differences in ideas according to the size of enterprises. The substantive problem is that the way of building doors and windows is not the same as that of electrical appliances. The monopoly position determines that electrical appliance manufacturers can only obtain market share if they settle in. However, the way of window and door occupation has not reached such a monopoly position. Therefore, there is a debate in the professional circles about whether it is necessary to enter large-scale stores

some door and window enterprises choose to spread their nets widely and add agents. After a period of investigation, the fittest will be eliminated. This kind of selection method may find real gold in the sand, but it may also cost too much money and have a bad image of the brand image in the hearts of consumers. More door and window enterprises may choose to merge and select among some mature agents, and use the ways of other brands for their own use. This is a more labor-saving and tricky way, but an enterprise should also have some doubts about the loyalty of dealers


as the saying goes, product quality is the hard truth for enterprises to carry out. It can be seen that the quality of products is very important for the development of enterprises. However, under the instigation of excessive pursuit of interests, many door and window enterprises have abandoned their roots to seek the end, focused on building popularity, so that more people attach importance to the brand, and then neglected the product quality. In fact, building brand awareness is a good way to broaden the sales channels, but the condition is necessary to ensure the product quality. If the product quality can not even meet the consumer's specifications, then the door and window enterprises seem to have lost the human trunk, as long as the limbs are useless

therefore, under the intense competition in shopping malls, if door and window enterprises want to break out of the tight encirclement, it is necessary to grasp both product quality and channel expansion, and clarify the relationship between the two: product quality is the condition for expanding channels, and expanding channels is the development of product quality. If we confuse the relationship between the two, door and window enterprises will also easily fall into the dilemma of difficult brand development




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