SHUAIKANG won the top ten brands of range hood in

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SHUAIKANG won the honor of "2011-2012 top ten range hood brands"

Guangdong household appliance chamber of Commerce jointly held the "2012 China household appliance industry summit and Guangdong household appliance chamber of Commerce Industrial Transformation and upgrading Summit Forum" on July 13 in xiaomanyao, Guangzhou. Many well-known household appliance enterprises and industry experts from across the country attended the summit. SHUAIKANG group won the honor of "2011-2012 top ten range hood brands" with its outstanding achievements in the kitchen electricity industry, and became the winner of the day

the selection of "2011-2012 top ten range hood brands" is based on the market performance of range hood enterprises in the past year, their position in the industry and their contributions to the industry. SHUAIKANG range hood plays a decisive role in the range hood industry, so it is well deserved to win this honor

SHUAIKANG's outstanding contribution to the range hood industry is mainly reflected in its promotion of new technologies. SHUAIKANG successfully launched a range hood with an exhaust volume of 20 cubic meters/minute, and put forward the concept of "large suction", which has since entered the era of suction. SHUAIKANG obviously focuses on more than this

as one of the leading enterprises in the industry, SHUAIKANG pays great attention to the construction of its own brand value while concentrating on research technology, and is always oriented by the real needs of users and committed to producing products close to users. At present, SHUAIKANG's pursuit of products is based on "health, low carbon and fashion", and the product orientation is very consistent with the current mainstream orientation. In addition, in terms of after-sales service, SHUAIKANG also has its own pursuit: paying attention to details and family service are the practices that SHUAIKANG people have always adhered to, which has also won a good reputation for SHUAIKANG

as a social enterprise, SHUAIKANG also deserves the respect of his peers in his understanding of social responsibility: advocating low-carbon kitchen and bathroom is the best action for SHUAIKANG to practice green environmental protection, which also makes SHUAIKANG win the respect of social people. In today's increasingly fierce competition among enterprises, both SHUAIKANG's sense of responsibility to society and SHUAIKANG's sense of responsibility to users will take him further




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