Wardrobe brand must be user-centered, whole house

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With the upgrading of consumption, consumers' demand for personalization is escalating day by day. The era of mass consumption will enter the era of niche consumption. Goods such as wardrobes are also more personalized, and are endowed with more emotional communication and personality recognition. This is more obvious in the customized wardrobe industry. The needs of consumers have appeared in the design and implementation of the whole product since the moment they came into contact with the wardrobe enterprise. Consumption focuses on emotional experience. IP based goods will change the consumption chain from "people looking for goods" to "goods looking for people", because IP will give goods more value connotation and give consumers an emotional sustenance, and its ultimate purpose is to pursue value and cultural identity. Therefore, the users gathered behind this IP are a group of value communities with common cognition, and users have no purchase demand before they contact this IP. This "stimulation" will promote users to improve their "conversion rate, purchase frequency and customer unit price". For more information about the brand of customized furniture, please log in to the official website of Deville customized furniture http://www.deweier.com/, if you need to join, you can call 400-8822-118 mobile official website directly http://m.deweier.com/




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