Do four details to give you a sunny room to enjoy

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A cup of strong tea, a reclining chair, a piece of sunshine, an afternoon. This is the leisure day that many busy urbanites yearn for. With the increasing pressure of the day, the concept of rooftop sunshine room is becoming more and more popular. So how should the sunshine room be decorated? What questions should we pay attention to when decorating? Now let's take a look with the window editor of Guanhao family

I: questions about the laying of floor tiles in the sunshine room

when the owner plans the garden in the sunshine room, the floor tiles do not need to be paved very smoothly, leaving some gullies is the best, so as to preserve water and soil. In the corner of the roof drain, the level should be lowered to facilitate the water flow out of the soil

II: questions about the placement of plants in the sunshine room

many owners of the sunshine room like to place some plants inside. The sunshine room is not only suitable for placing plants, but also has a regulating effect on the temperature, humidity and air quality in the sunshine room. When selecting and placing plants, we need to pay attention to the fact that the plants placed should be placed indoors properly, because some plants are not suitable to be placed indoors, such as narcissus Oleander, Mimosa, etc

III: questions about the placement of lockers in the sunshine room

there is a locker in the sunshine room, which is usually arranged in the corner of the sunshine room, but when it is arranged in the corner, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the plants can climb to the locker. If the plants can climb to the locker, the locker will be very simple and damp

IV: questions about the drainage system of the sunshine room

when decorating the sunshine room, the most important thing to pay attention to is the question of the drainage system. The area of the pool in the sunshine room should not be too large, because the water volume is too large, the water will overflow, and if it overflows for a long time, it will cause harm to the high-rise building. In addition, the sunshine room must be decorated with doors and windows to let the sunshine room ventilated




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