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The most indispensable thing in kindergartens is desks and chairs. Because the children in kindergartens are not old, we should pay attention to its material and work safety when selecting kindergartens' desks and chairs. Now there are many manufacturers of kindergartens' desks and chairs. When selecting, we try to choose some better manufacturers. Then, what are the kindergartens' desks and chairs manufacturers? For a better understanding, let's take a look at the relevant introduction of the kindergarten table and chair manufacturers

size of tables and chairs in kindergartens

the size of classes in kindergartens should not be the same, and it is appropriate to gradually increase according to the child's age. 100× 60× 45/50/55cm, some plastic tables can be adjusted up and down. The height of the big class is generally 30cm, the middle class is 28, and the small class is 26

price of tables and chairs in kindergarten

the price of tables and chairs in kindergarten is about 300 yuan

note: this price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will also vary. For more information, please refer to the local dealer

suggestions for purchasing desks and chairs in kindergartens

1. It is best to choose units with the following qualifications to purchase desks and chairs:

units that have passed the environmental protection certification (ISO14001-2004)

units that have passed the national compulsory safety certification (3C certification)

2, don't just look at the price and pictures. The manufacturer works with conscience, only buying by mistake, not selling by mistake.

3, try to choose units with good reputation and full qualifications to buy

4. When buying desks and chairs, quality and safety are the first. Now parents' awareness is quite high

kindergarten table and chair manufacturer

Hebei Wen'an County jin'ao rubber and plastic products Co., Ltd.

Hebei Wen'an County jin'ao rubber and plastic products Co., Ltd. is a key kindergarten product enterprise integrating kindergarten furniture factory and kindergarten table and chair factory, specializing in the R & D, production and sales of kindergarten furniture, kindergarten tables and chairs, mold processing and other projects. The company address is South Ring West Road, Wen'an County, Hebei Province

Zhejiang Shixuan industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Shixuan industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-quality desks and chairs. It mainly produces kindergarten desks and chairs, primary and secondary school students' desks and chairs, University desks and chairs, stair classroom desks and chairs, etc. with exquisite technology and technology, the shape of the products is more new, beautiful, more durable. Company address: No. 7, Xing'an Avenue, xialixi Industrial Zone, Yongkang City, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province

Langfang Rongda stationery and Sports Goods Co., Ltd.

Langfang Rongda stationery and Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is an excellent kindergarten solid wood furniture manufacturer in China, specializing in the production of various kindergarten solid wood furniture, kindergarten solid wood beds, kindergarten solid wood tables and chairs and other products, with novel design and rich varieties. Address: Mengcun Industrial Zone, Yangshui Township, anci District, Langfang City, Hebei Province

Bazhou sangyuan Furniture Co., Ltd.

Bazhou sangyuan Furniture Co., Ltd. (formerly Bazhou huasangmu furniture factory) was established in 1993. After more than ten years of development, it has become a professional manufacturer with school furniture such as student desks and chairs, row chairs, kindergarten desks and chairs, school row chairs, student beds, computer tables, hardware accessories, apartment beds, upper and lower beds, fiberglass dining tables and chairs, office desks and chairs, experimental platforms, hardware accessories and Book equipment as the leading products. Address: huasangmu village, Jianchapu Town, Bazhou city

heyouya company

heyouya company is an enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of outdoor recreation facilities and children's desks and chairs. Our factory has advanced CDA computer aided design system, large-scale production equipment and professional technicians. After 20 years of hard work and the efforts of all employees, we have continuously introduced the beautiful shapes and processes of advanced toys from European and American countries, and developed a series of toy products in combination with the cultural connotation of our country. The factory is now developing into a large-scale amusement equipment and production base for playing and teaching aids. The playing and teaching aids products produced by Youya are mainly made of solid wood materials. Solid wood materials come from nature. Environmental protection, health and pollution-free are the biggest characteristics of this material. Solid wood furniture toys have a longer service life and better environmental protection than ordinary wood-based panel furniture toys

Shangqiu Youchang kindergarten toy factory

the kindergarten table and chair manufacturer is Shangqiu Youchang kindergarten toy factory, which is the largest modern enterprise of preschool education and entertainment equipment in Eastern Henan, with complete varieties, large scale and strong strength. Main products: kindergarten toys, kindergarten supplies, parent-child kindergarten supplies, preschool education toys, combination slides, naughty castle, basketball stands, seesaws, swings, swivel chairs, boating, desks and chairs, children's beds, mobile blackboards, lawns, rubber mats and other preschool education amusement facilities. We always uphold the purpose of quality first, customer first and honest management, and have won the unanimous praise and recognition of new and old users. We always implement “ Create a brand with quality and seek benefits with scale ” We will always retain the meticulous professionalism, forge ahead and pursue excellence endlessly

Golden Childhood Toys Co., Ltd.

Baoding Golden Childhood Toys Co., Ltd. is located in the ancient city of Baoding. The company is a joint-stock company integrating R & D, design, production and sales. The main products are; Kindergarten large toys, kindergarten equipment, kindergarten plastic toys, kindergarten plastic tables and chairs, wooden desks and chairs, children's plastic beds, children's high and low beds, kindergarten furniture, towel racks, cup holders, bookshelves, toy racks, mobile teaching blackboards, desktop toys, Montessori teaching aids, rubber mats, plastic runways, artificial lawns and other series of products, the company adheres to the purpose of quality first, integrity-based, forge ahead, Continuous innovation

editor's summary: in a word, the kindergarten tables and chairs produced by these manufacturers are highly reliable, the product quality is very guaranteed, and they are generally welcomed and trusted by the majority of user friends. If you have relatives who need tables and chairs, you can consider these manufacturers. Kindergarten is not only tables and chairs, but also some other equipment to ensure quality, which is a very serious thing. The quality of equipment is good enough, so the safety of children is greatly guaranteed




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