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Home decoration generally needs to go through necessary processes, and the construction period is generally relatively long. Generally speaking, at least a month, more than half a year or even longer. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible without sufficient time for preparation. As a decoration owner, because most of them have their own work and career, they must consider when they have enough time, and then consider the specific time of the decoration project, and try not to conflict with the busy time. Everyone's career is different, and everyone's work rhythm is also different. We should try our best to use the time when work is relatively easy or even vacation to carry out home decoration, so as to ensure sufficient time to supervise and track the project. Smart owners will reasonably arrange appropriate time segments according to the stage characteristics of the decoration project. Generally speaking, the time preparation method to be made is also different according to the degree and mode of the owner's participation in the project. Here, we first divide the owners into liquidation owners and all inclusive owners, and explore their respective characteristics in time preparation. The so-called cleaning type owners here generally refer to those owners who provide materials by themselves and find a construction team to arrange cleaning. The all inclusive owner refers to the owner of the so-called key project, that is, the owner of the project completely arranged by the decoration company after determining the design scheme (or even just the general direction) and the general cost plan. The classification of these two types does not represent all types of owners. The following is a description of these two types of owners, and other types can be implemented with reference. The decoration project is first divided into preparation stage (decoration company and main materials, etc.), design stage, contract signing stage, construction stage, acceptance stage, etc. Generally speaking, for those decoration owners with clearance type, the preparatory stage can be put into the relatively normal stage of work, and the weekend and spare time can be used to collect relevant decoration knowledge and information, understand the situation of the decoration company, conduct preliminary negotiation of design, and preliminarily draw up design and construction plans. Because of this type of decoration, the stage that really consumes the most energy is the construction stage. Because we need to provide materials by ourselves, we need to prepare a whole period of time for the construction stage. After the commencement, the supply of materials and the shortage at any time need the owner to keep up with the supply of materials at any time. As for those all inclusive owners, because all materials and labor in the construction stage are contracted to the decoration company, the key time to prepare is the preparation stage and design stage. For these owners, it is OK to make great efforts to choose a company with excellent reputation, reputation and strength, and then choose an influential designer in the company. This method is the one that allows owners to worry less at present. The disadvantage is that generally speaking, the price is more expensive than their own operation. But expensive, for those owners whose time is money, what is it? They can create more valuable things in the same time that cleaning owners need to spend a lot of time. Besides, if the owner of the cleaning type operates improperly, it is not necessarily more genuine than the all inclusive type. This is just like people's choice of tourism mode a few years ago. At that time, many people thought that the travel agencies could make their own money by arranging tours. It was better to operate their own travel routes and consumption methods. The time results showed that it was more economical to travel with travel agencies. This is: it's better to let professional people do professional things. Time preparation is so important, so before decoration, we must give full consideration to choosing a more suitable project contracting mode and specific commencement time according to our own time





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