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When choosing and posting wallpapers, consumers must choose appropriate Wallpapers according to different occasions. They can also refer to the suggestions of the wallpaper monopoly salesperson to jointly choose and use wallpapers

wallpaper has become a new favorite of people's decoration, especially the continuous innovation and development of brand wallpaper, which has driven the development and popularity of the whole wallpaper investment attraction, wallpaper agency, wallpaper franchise and other markets. According to Morman wallpaper, the colors and patterns of wallpaper have different meanings and bring different feelings to people. Therefore, when consumers choose and post wallpapers, they must choose appropriate Wallpapers according to different occasions, You can also refer to the suggestions of the wallpaper monopoly salesperson to jointly select and use wallpapers. Then the understanding and mastery of the meaning and use occasions represented by various colors of wallpaper will be a skill that consumers must have

according to insiders, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple are the main colors of wallpaper products at present

red wallpaper represents intensity and excitement. This strong color will increase blood pressure and heart rate. It can usually stimulate intimate emotions, vitality and passion, and stimulate appetite. Therefore, it is often used in restaurants and is also the best choice for Chinese restaurants at home

like red, orange can also make the room look warm, but it is less exaggerated and passionate. Orange represents a more friendly mood and attitude than fire red; It's not very attractive, but it's more cordial. Orange is very suitable for living rooms and living rooms, and it is also a good choice for children's bedrooms

Yellow Wallpaper represents warmth and enthusiasm. Yellow is more attractive than any other color. Therefore, it is often used as outline color in the office. In places with insufficient light, such as halls and corridors, yellow can also mark roads. In the old man's bedroom, they think yellow can stimulate their emotions. But bright yellow will be too strong, which may cause anxiety of infants, children and the elderly

as the main color of nature, green will accompany us everywhere at home. Light green wallpaper can decorate the bathroom and living room well; Moderate shades of green can make kitchens and restaurants unique. The calming characteristic of green makes wallpaper widely used in hospitals, schools and working environments

blue represents calm and far-reaching. Calm blue wallpaper is the best choice for adults and children. However, the same blue can not only promote sleep but also inhibit our appetite, probably because there are few blue natural foods. The bedroom can be decorated with blue, but never use it in the restaurant

color is a deep and tolerant color, which is between blue and purple. It is quiet with lively elements, and it has a feeling of love and hate. Therefore, this kind of wallpaper is deeply loved by the elderly. Home decoration can be used as decorative colors, and should not be painted in a large area. It can often reflect a capable and rigorous style in government offices

purple is the color that children like, but many adults are not. Purple with rose hue is more attractive, so children's bedrooms and playrooms are good places to use this color wallpaper

therefore, with the continuous innovation of wallpaper products and the vigorous development of market expansion activities such as wallpaper investment invitation, wallpaper agency and wallpaper alliance, wallpaper has become a new favorite of decoration that people can't put down. Therefore, moman wallpaper reminds consumers and staff of wallpaper stores that they must master certain wallpaper common sense in order to maximize the value of wallpaper products

brand introduction:

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