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The chaos in the green paint market is mostly conceptual hype

the chaos in the green paint market is mostly conceptual hype


[China paint information] the "prospect" of green environmental protection paint is attractive, and the paint enterprises have also "spared no effort" in green environmental protection paint. They have successively launched their own green environmental protection paint products to maximize market promotion, There are more and more green paint products in the market. Almost all brands are touting their achievements in the development of green paint. The concept is hyped, but the actual effect is not very ideal, and it is difficult to be consistent in words and deeds; At the same time, there are many uncertain factors in the development of green coatings in China, such as technology, standards and market promotion. This leads to the coexistence of "ideal and trouble" in the green coating industry

with the "green low carbon" constantly coming into the public's view, a variety of green low carbon products seem to have sprung up, and various products with the concept of "green low carbon" are emerging one after another in various paint markets. However, in fact, many products are just "changing the soup without changing the medicine". They have started a black profiteering business on the "hotbed" of "green low carbon". For businesses, creating the concept of green environmental protection is nothing more than trying to open up a market and grab higher profits

"in this green trend, all walks of life have taken the opportunity to carry out 'green marketing', from green technology innovation to green production management, and then to green marketing publicity." Ren Dezhong, the managing director of Guangdong metus building materials Co., Ltd., said in an interview with this newspaper that he not only knows how to save energy, but also understands the green strategy, nor simply creates healthy products or practices low carbon. The research and development of green environmental protection coatings can not make up for it

"the mixture of good and evil shows that the current paint market is still not standardized, the competition is not fierce enough, the cost advantage and brand advantage of large enterprises are not obvious, the brand awareness of consumers is not strong enough, and the identification ability is not high enough. If all enterprises rely on boasting to promote their products, China's paint industry will have no future. This is a 21 foot mechanical arm" Liaodewu, general manager of Jiabaoli Chemical Group Co., Ltd. home decoration Department, expressed his worries about the current development of the coating market

in fact, in the face of the paint market, which is not mature and standardized, it is difficult for most consumers to judge whether the paint is really environmentally friendly. On the one hand, the paint is too professional, and it is impossible for most people to conduct in-depth research in order to buy exterior wall paint; On the other hand, the orientation of advertising often makes people lose judgment. At the time of purchase, it is impossible to identify whether the exterior wall coating has formaldehyde, xylene and other harmful substances only by virtue of the outer packaging. Therefore, Zhongzhijie, general manager of Heshan Mickey paint Co., Ltd., appealed, "this is related to the integrity and conscience of the business owners, and to the output and payment of the enterprise. In order to achieve consistency between words and deeds, the enterprise must first practice internal skills and honesty. In order to achieve green environmental protection, it can do it at all costs."

what is more "pitiful" is that the price of many paint stores' products has doubled after being labeled with "green and low carbon". There is a huge black profit potential. What should consumers do? During the previous interview and investigation in the market, an unnamed insider said that the price of products related to "low carbon" is often higher than that of ordinary coatings. "The price of ordinary coatings is only about 20 yuan/square meter. If you play the 'low carbon' brand, the price can be doubled." The relevant person in charge of a paint shop told that "low-carbon" paint is hot on the market at present, with high profits. Therefore, some illegal traders "fish in troubled waters" have been attracted, which has damaged the health of citizens. Insiders also pointed out that the national policy of "green environmental protection" has become an excuse for many paint sellers to bluff and disturb the paint market

to develop green paint is to do a green business, but it is still very difficult to do a good job in this business. "At present, the development of green coatings is faced with three bottlenecks: on the one hand, it comes from the cost and market constraints; on the other hand, due to technical barriers, on the other hand, it highlights the imperfection of relevant supporting policies." Ren Dezhong said

"during the 12th Five Year Plan period, if the national policy of banning 'oil' can be successfully introduced, the waterborne wood coating enterprises will usher in a good opportunity for development, and both sales and profits will be greatly increased." From the perspective of reverse thinking, liaodewu talked about the inadequacy of the state's green environmental protection policies

it can be said that coating enterprises are "entangled" in the development of green business... One of the troubles: the guarantee mechanism for the development of green coatings is not perfect

"sometimes it is really difficult to make low-carbon coatings in China." An insider said with emotion: "because there are no relevant strict regulations in the country at present, there are a large number of high-carbon and polluting products in the upstream market of the coating industry, such as titanium dioxide. To choose a few low-carbon raw materials, the cost will undoubtedly be much higher. Moreover, we are not sure whether these low-carbon raw materials can ensure 100% low-carbon environmental protection."

in fact, this just shows that China has no clear definition of "low carbon coating" so far, and the standard of "low carbon production" is also in a fuzzy state. There are many misunderstandings in the understanding of "low carbon and environmental protection" in the coating industry: simple selection of special materials; Pure publicity of environmental protection and so on are lack of systematic implementation process. Go to any paint exhibition or store for a visit. The salespersons of each paint enterprise are advertising under the signboard of "green low carbon and smaller particles", while there are various reasons to answer green low carbon, and the production process and process have not changed. The current situation can be understood as that the "green low-carbon" of coating enterprises is actually a kind of marketing gimmick or hype, which brings conceptual confusion to consumers through the amplification of marketing means. In fact, this is just a representation

as a green environmental protection coating, the development of water-based coating is also closely related to government policies. "The government's support policies for the development of water-based coatings are not enough. I think it is just a verbal promotion of low-carbon, without substantive policy support, low-carbon is just a piece of paper." Hebingfu, chairman of Guangdong coating industry association, said. At the same time, "to achieve rapid and healthy development, it also requires the joint efforts of the entire industrial chain and the government. Government departments also need to actively participate in it, and implement tax incentives and equipment compensation policies for low-carbon coating and furniture enterprises." Chenhuiting, managing director of Guangdong Huilong coating Co., Ltd., also said. Therefore, from another aspect, if the government support is not in place, the low-carbon coating will become a dead letter

at present, it is imperative to improve the guarantee mechanism for the development of green coatings. Insiders said that the green development of the coating industry is a complex systematic project, and efforts must be made to strengthen the construction of systems, regulations and environment, so as to provide institutional guarantee for green development to promote the scientific development of the coating industry. We should improve the supporting policies for promoting the development of green coatings. The guiding role of the government is very critical. The competent departments need to plan in advance to promote the introduction of policies and create a better market environment for the development of green coatings. It is necessary to formulate the green coating industry plan, define the green coating product projects that are encouraged and given priority to development, and strengthen project regulation and guidance. We will improve the quality certification standards for green paint products, form a standardized evaluation system, and strengthen the supervision and management of the green paint industry. We will improve the existing price system, gradually commercialize resources and the environment, quantify prices, and establish a compensation mechanism for consuming resources and damaging the environment. Adjust fiscal and tax policies and use tax levers to support the development of green paint industry. Laws and regulations on the development of green coatings should be improved. We should strive to build a dynamic, efficient, more open system and mechanism that is conducive to the scientific development of green coatings, form institutional arrangements that are conducive to accelerating the transformation of the mode of economic development, strictly abide by China's existing laws and regulations related to environmental and ecological protection and the normative environmental standards formulated by the state and the industry, and strengthen the research and legislative work on the Comprehensive Utilization Policies of the coating industry, So that the development of the whole green coating industry can be brought into the track of legal system as soon as possible

trouble No. 2: consumers' green consumption mode is unreasonable

according to the insiders, as they are a brand with relatively large market share and rich product grades, their approach is that the overall brand is low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and the middle and high-end products often do this, but sometimes they have to use some high-carbon raw materials for the middle and low-end products

"there is no way to do this. The sales volume of middle and high-end products is not large. The real profit point of the company is still in the middle and low-end products with large sales volume. If low-carbon raw materials are used, our cost will be difficult to compete with other manufacturers." Because many consumers care more about the price than whether they care about low-carbon products. Therefore, if they want to pay more money, they may not necessarily buy low-carbon products

based on this, insiders also called on the state, society, enterprises and consumers to take action to actively advocate green consumption mode and drive the development of green coating industry

worry No. 3: limited by the growth mode of the coating industry

of course, the green and low-carbon status of the coating industry is related to the industrial foundation. The coating industry is an industry with low access threshold. At present, it is still an extensive manufacturing industry, and it still relies on traditional comparative advantages to carry out industrial growth

the early development of China's coating industry mainly relies on traditional comparative advantages, that is, low-cost labor, resources, etc. it does not need too much technological innovation to achieve good growth and considerable profits. Therefore, once the price of raw materials rises and the cost of human resources rises, many coating enterprises begin to fall into a dilemma: once the price of products rises, it will affect the sales volume, and if not, it will affect the profit growth. I don't know what to do. In fact, due to the long-term status of "treating the superior with respect" and the lack of necessary innovation, domestic enterprises themselves have serious deficiencies in scale, strength, brand, capital, technology and so on. Green and low-carbon needs not only an idea, but also an expression of ability. Therefore, it is not easy for enterprises to achieve green and low-carbon

worry 4: technological innovation is backward

restricted by the backward innovation of coating technology, China's coating industry is relatively slow in structural adjustment, and the development of green low-carbon coating products is also unsatisfactory. Actually“

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