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Green power 7th: Qinghai clean energy power supply survey for 7 days in a row Abstract: the sustainable development of clean energy in the country cannot be solved solely by the demonstration of Qinghai or the efforts of Qinghai Province. Instead, the country should make an overall plan from the overall level, give relevant policy support, and transform the regional advantages into economic advantages to avoid waste of resources. For example, harmonics will cause mechanical vibration of transformers

at noon on June 26, on Tara beach, Gonghe County, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, more than 150 kilometers away from Xining City, Qinghai Province, a large area of photovoltaic panels were neatly arranged, just like a blue ocean. This is the Longyangxia hydro optic complementary power station, which is part of the emerging Qinghai ten million kilowatt new energy base. From June 17 to 23, Qinghai province realized full clean energy power supply for seven consecutive days. With the innovative water light complementary regulation technology, Longyangxia water light complementary photovoltaic power station made the photovoltaic power generated more stable and effectively assisted this practice

a corner of Gonghe photovoltaic industrial park, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province

after the "green power 7" practice, which is the first in China and the longest in the world, has attracted wide attention. In the process of global energy transformation, this practice in Qinghai has left important footprints. Shuyinbiao, chairman of the State Grid Corporation of China, said at the 2017 Summer Davos forum that the 7-day continuous clean energy power supply test in Qinghai Province has been a complete success and is of symbolic significance to China and even the global energy transformation

why Qinghai

Qinghai is located in the northeast of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. It is the birthplace of the Yellow River, the Yangtze River and the Lancang River. It is also one of the 13 major hydropower bases in China. There is plenty of sunshine and a large area of Gobi, so it has unique conditions for the development of photovoltaic power generation industry. p>

"to build an important national new energy industry base, whether we can realize all clean energy power supply by ourselves needs to be tested in practice." Quan Shengming, general manager of Qinghai electric power company, said that from the perspective of Qinghai's energy structure characteristics and electric technology level, we can make a short-term attempt

dujinping, director of the first energy division of Qinghai Provincial Energy Bureau, told that since the 12th Five Year Plan, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation in Qinghai has increased at an average rate of 1million kW per year. At the same time, some small thermal power units and self provided coal-fired power plants have been shut down, reducing the proportion of thermal power to about 17%, and thermal power units will not be planned during the 13th five year plan

by the end of May, the installed capacity of clean energy in Qinghai had reached 19.43 million KW, accounting for more than 80% of the total installed capacity in the province, reaching 2.5 times the largest power load in Qinghai's history. The high proportion of clean energy installed capacity, coupled with the supply and demand characteristics of "large capacity and small load", has become a prerequisite for Qinghai to realize the "green power day 7", which is also an important reason why many central and eastern provinces are difficult to carry out similar attempts

zhanghongping, director of Qinghai Electric Power Dispatching and control center, introduced that during the "green power 7th" period, the maximum power load of Qinghai electric power was 7.36 million KW, while the maximum power generation output of new energy reached 4.75 million KW, achieving a high proportion of new energy power generation while realizing all clean energy power supply

Qinghai's integrated advantages of multi energy complementation of clean energy have also been fully demonstrated in this attempt. On June 26, the actual power generation curve for 7 consecutive days showed that Qinghai hydropower, photovoltaic and wind power have obvious complementary characteristics. During the period of large PV generation in the daytime, the natural output characteristics of wind power are small, and the dispatching makes room for PV by regulating hydropower; In other periods, hydropower is the main power source, and wind power provides important power supplement

as the largest hydropower enterprise in Northwest China, the upper Yellow River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. has built the world's largest photovoltaic power station in Qinghai in recent years - Longyangxia hydro optic complementary 850000 kW photovoltaic power station. "We have adjusted the photovoltaic power with randomness, volatility and intermittency to a safe and high-quality 'virtual hydropower' mode through the water light complementary regulation technology, so as to achieve more economic, safe and stable power operation." The company said in an interview

can Qinghai alone do it

since Qinghai has so many clean energy power generation installations and the power load is not high, can the green power in the province be fully self-sufficient? The answer is No

according to zhanghongping, Qinghai is mostly cloudy and rainy in June, with poor light resources. If extreme weather leads to a significant reduction in photovoltaic power generation capacity, hydropower may not be able to be adjusted. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on the advantages of large power resource allocation and purchase other new energy power in the northwest region based on the exchange capacity of large power and large capacity

after consultation in advance with the national power dispatching center, Beijing power trading center and Northwest Branch, and the power trading centers of northwest provinces (autonomous regions), Qinghai and northwest provinces (autonomous regions) signed a short-term, real-time power purchase framework agreement and a thermal power transaction agreement during the power supply period of all clean energy, to ensure that the real-time power of clean energy is greater than the power load

under the leadership of senior engineer wangmaochun, the national Qinghai Electric Power Dispatching Center checked the load change curve from June 17 to 23 through the hall screen: except for the 20th and 21st, the dispatching center purchased the new energy power of Ningxia, Gansu, Shaanxi and Xinjiang in the other five days. The total electricity purchased in 41 transactions was 67million kwh, accounting for about 5% of the total electricity consumption in 7 days

"in recent days, the pressure of new energy regulation is relatively large. It is necessary to do a good job in the ultra short-term prediction of photovoltaic and wind power, so as to determine whether it is necessary to supplement the purchased electricity." Wangmaochun said that on June 18 alone, they organized 8 new energy outsourcing transactions

"if there were no multi-party linkage and no inter provincial and inter regional power market, this attempt could not be realized." Changhua, director of Qinghai Electric Power Trading Center, told that after the "green power 7" attempt was determined in early June, Qinghai Electric Power Trading Center adjusted all trading plans of the month based on the basic principle of all trading clean energy

through multi-party coordination, they won the support of the Yellow River Water Conservancy Commission and increased the discharge of reservoirs in the upper reaches of the Yellow River in seven days to increase the share of hydropower generation in the province; Win the understanding of relevant thermal power enterprises, reduce thermal power to the minimum startup mode that meets safety constraints, and send all thermal power to Shaanxi; Adjust the consumption plan of Sichuan Hydropower and suspend the purchase of Sichuan Hydropower

how to balance safety and economy

"high safety pressure" is a common reflection of all parties involved in the "green power day 7"

in the face of the interview, Quan Shengming frankly said: "in fact, I was very worried at first." His biggest worry is that the power grid in Qinghai is still weak, and the safety of large power can not be guaranteed

of course, the safety pressure is not just at this time. With the unconventional development of new energy, the impact of large-scale new energy power generation on the safe and stable operation of power system has become increasingly apparent. Its impact has developed from power quality to large power security, and also exacerbated the complexity of peak load regulation

fortunately, the entire power system stood the test when the 168 small shoes were quickly accepted by the majority of sports sole manufacturers. Moreover, because the actual load level was lower than expected, in the opinion of the head of the power department of Qinghai Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, "if not, we could have done better and verified more things."

due to the early start of the photovoltaic industry in Qinghai, the research and development of new energy related technologies has also taken the lead in the country. During the "green power day 7", Qinghai electric power successfully controlled the complex electric operation characteristics by applying a series of independent innovation achievements, such as new energy ultra short-term prediction technology, the international first set of new energy and real-time flexible control system

in addition, considering the safety constraints, Qinghai didn't completely shut down the thermal power on "green power 7th". Huadian Datong Power Generation Co., Ltd. reduced the output of two 300000 kW units to 50% to participate in peak load regulation, which is the lowest output since the units were put into operation in 2003. He Xinli, general manager of the company, said: "this is a big test for the combustion stability of the unit and the operation ability of the personnel."

how to reduce the economy caused by thermal power participating in peak load regulation, but the forming shrinkage loss plays a major role, is one of the focal points of coordination before this attempt

according to the investigation, there is a corresponding compensation mechanism for the participation of thermal power units in peak load regulation according to the implementation rules for the management of parallel operation of power plants in the northwest region resulting in non commutation of reversing switches and the implementation rules for the management of auxiliary services of concurrent power plants in the northwest region issued by the northwest regulatory bureau of the national energy administration. Qinghai Electric Power settled with peak shaving units according to the benchmark price of thermal power this time, digesting the increased cost of thermal power participating in "green power day 7"

Chang Hua said that with the increasingly strong frame structure, the dependence of electricity on the minimum startup mode of thermal power units will be further reduced, which will provide a strong guarantee for promoting the consumption of clean energy

what experience and enlightenment does it bring

"green power 7" is a beneficial attempt to supply power with all clean energy. What experience and enlightenment does it bring us

wangzhongying, director of the national renewable energy center, said that in the process of clean energy power supply in Qinghai for seven consecutive days, the State Grid Corporation played a full role in coordinating the dispatching plans between different provinces in the northwest region, breaking the interest barriers among provinces, promoting the consumption of renewable energy in a larger range, and creating a typical case

"big power, big market" is undoubtedly the key word of this case. Quan Shengming believes that for Qinghai, an economically underdeveloped region where energy resources and demand are inversely distributed, "it is difficult to make similar attempts if there is no unified large power with UHV as the backbone and coordinated development of electricity at all levels to optimize the allocation of resources nationwide."

"by 2020, the installed capacity of new energy power generation in Qinghai is planned to exceed 20million kW, and UHV channels should be built simultaneously, which has been incorporated into the national energy development plan." Dujinping said that during the "13th five year plan" period, Qinghai will enhance its capacity to absorb clean energy by means of direct power trading, and will build the first UHV transmission channel in China to transmit all clean power, which will be located in the central region

relying on big power, this attempt also flexibly uses a variety of market transaction varieties to meet the green power supply demand of Qinghai. Lizhu, deputy director of the marketing department of Beijing Electric Power Trading Center, believes that this has effectively tested the effectiveness and flexibility of the relevant mechanisms for inter provincial transactions on the Beijing electric power trading platform. "After summary and improvement, the relevant market trading mechanisms can be further promoted to promote the large-scale consumption of new energy in other regions."

he also said that in order to improve the national consumption level of new energy, we should further break down market barriers and optimize the allocation of resources on a larger scale; Further improve relevant transaction mechanisms, establish systematic rules for new energy to participate in market transactions, do a good job in the connection between market transactions and guaranteed acquisitions, and effectively balance the interests of new energy enterprises and conventional power generation enterprises; Further innovate transaction varieties, increase transaction frequency, and better adapt to the characteristics of new energy participating in market transactions

in addition, it is a consensus reached by all parties involved in the survey that all kinds of power sources should be reasonably arranged in the planning to form a clean energy utilization mode with multiple energy complements. Dujinping disclosed that Qinghai is developing wind power, photovoltaic and solar thermal storage

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