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Green papermaking cultivates "circular forest"

Ningbo Asia Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Asia Pulp and paper) calculates such an account every year. The company uses about 540000 tons of recycled paper every year, which is equivalent to saving 1.56 million cubic meters of wood and reducing the consumption of 43000 mu of forest; It is equivalent to saving 310million kilowatt hours of electricity, which can meet the annual electricity demand of 260000 ordinary households; It is equivalent to saving 52million tons of water, which can meet the annual water demand of 520000 ordinary households

as China's first paper-making enterprise with carbon footprint certification and a national environment-friendly enterprise, the Asian pulp and paper industry, with a high sense of society, is constantly forging ahead, pioneering and innovating, leading the low-carbon economy of the paper industry, creating a green brand, and cultivating a green forest of recycling in Ningbo, a port city

realize green circulation

traditional paper-making enterprises are highly polluting industries, which always give people the impression of dirty, messy and smelly. While visiting the Asian pulp and paper factory, the roads are lined with trees, and the grass is dotted with colorful flowers. Goldfish swim in the pond in such a factory, which can not be connected with the major polluters. Whether in the administrative building, workshop or finished product warehouse, everywhere is spotless and clean as new

as we all know, wastewater treatment in the paper industry is a difficult problem. The Asian pulp and paper industry uses the recycled wastewater to breed goldfish, which shows that it has made great achievements in wastewater treatment and even green environmental protection. They proved that the paper-making enterprises are not only the big polluters with "two high" and "one capital", but also the green industries that can realize the harmonious development of social, environmental and economic benefits

from product design and equipment introduction to production management, Asia Pulp and paper industry has been operating in strict accordance with the concept of cleaner production. Not only has the production technology and equipment reached the international advanced level, but also it is in the international advanced ranks in terms of water recycling and various energy consumption indicators such as water, electricity, gas consumption and pollutant emission per ton of paper products

the enterprise has comprehensively implemented environmental protection measures such as cleaner production, energy conservation and emission reduction, and green papermaking. It has also created a small green papermaking cycle based on the recycling of waste paper resources, and continuously improved the recycling of waste water and waste gas samples that only takes 18 seconds to process once and the reuse of recycled fibers, thus realizing the green papermaking cycle

creating a green brand

process innovation is the life of an enterprise. Asia Pulp and paper industry adheres to the business philosophy of green paper making and green paper making. Focusing on the development goal of green and low carbon, it has improved its processes, made new breakthroughs in green environmental protection and anti-counterfeiting technology, and launched a series of famous, special and high-quality new products

artco high white and high loose thickness double-sided coated copper plate card has the advantages of high whiteness and high loose thickness, and meets the requirements of light weight and environmental protection of green printing paper; Omnica high loose thickness double-sided coated copper plate card has low gram weight, high thickness and good stiffness. This product has high stiffness characteristics above 280g, and can be used to make billboards and display boards; Takamatsu's thick product series paper can replace the general high gram weight paper with low gram weight. While the paper becomes lighter, it also has excellent stiffness and cartoning performance, meeting the requirements of packaging lightweight trend; The new Jinbei single-sided coated anti-counterfeiting white paperboard has rich core colors, realizing one product one color; The black diamond playing card special paper has a multi-layer special structure, which greatly improves the opacity of the paperboard. Adopting advanced environmental protection papermaking technology, combined with secondary fiber and raw wood pulp, the high-quality, green and low-carbon excellent paper products are produced. Their quality is no different from that of general full wood pulp products, and they have the characteristics of excellent printability, high whiteness, good surface evenness and flatness, high stiffness and good surface strength

behind the successful launch of high-tech products, the outstanding innovation ability of the enterprise is reflected. Asia Pulp & paper has a national CNAs certified laboratory and R & D center. With strong R & D strength and strong technical support, it has created many well-known brands such as golden gull, Emirates, Asia Star and Ningbo star. In april2012, Asian pulp and paper industry won the honor of China's top ten green brands

cultivate green forests

each ton of recycled waste paper can produce 0.8 tons of new paper, reduce 17 trees, and save 3 cubic meters of landfill space and more than half of papermaking energy. The annual waste paper recycling of Asian pulp and paper industry is equivalent to reducing 17million trees, protecting a vast forest

absolutely guarantee the customer's work needs. In the plant area, one type is the linear temperature rise and fall speed (actually the average speed every 5 min). The roaring crane keeps lifting baskets of waste paper into the warehouse. It is reported that the recycled waste paper of Asia Pulp and paper industry adopts advanced waste paper deinking technology to recycle recycled fiber, turn waste into treasure, and make new paper, which can be comparable with general all wood pulp products in quality

the enterprise's import waste paper supervision depot was established in 2001 and 2005 respectively, with a total area of 141100 square meters and a maximum stacking capacity of 165000 tons of waste paper. In order to effectively support enterprises and serve the rapid development of local economy, Ningbo Beilun inspection and Quarantine Bureau adopted the mode of "one factory, one policy" for three enterprises, including Asia Pulp and paper industry, and implemented convenient inspection measures. In 2012 alone, the two enterprises imported more than 47000 standard boxes of waste paper, saving more than 30million yuan in related costs such as box removal and box opening at stations, greatly improving the market competitiveness of enterprises

at the same time, through 82 cameras spread throughout the site, the site was effectively supervised 360 degrees, 24 hours and 24 hours, ensuring the strength of strict control. In order to better serve the enterprise, Beilun Bureau has established a one-to-one contact system between department level cadres and the enterprise according to the requirements of the higher authorities. The enterprise can directly report the problems and difficulties in inspection and quarantine supervision to the contact person. The implementation of the system has greatly improved the efficiency and pragmatism of supervision

with the strict control and meticulous service of the inspection and quarantine department, batches of recycled paper with qualified quality can be quickly sent from ocean going ships to the production line. The head of Asia Pulp and paper industry said sincerely

leading the green road

the integration of forest, pulp and paper is the experience of the paper industry in the developed countries in the world, that is, under the promotion of the market mechanism, the original separated three links of forest, pulp and paper are integrated together, so that the paper enterprises can afford to afforest, solve the problem of wood raw materials by themselves, develop ecological paper, form an industrial pattern of raising forest with paper and promoting paper with forest, and promote the sustainable operation of the paper enterprises and the sustainable development of the paper industry. The integration of forest, pulp and paper is the basis of resource intensification, cleaner production, technology integration, product functionalization and economic scale. It represents the main trend of the development of the world paper industry. Green and circular economy is the core theme of the integration of forest, pulp and paper

Asia Pulp and paper industry adheres to the purpose of afforestation, benefiting nature, pulping and papermaking and benefiting mankind, adheres to the consistent principles of acting according to law, overall planning and scientific afforestation, actively develops modern forestry, promotes the green circular economy industry of Forest Pulp and paper integration, and realizes the synchronous development of economic, social and ecological benefits through ecological forest management, environmental pulping and green papermaking

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