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Green technology leads the future - Zhongda Diantong's energy-efficient solutions shine at the 2010 Industrial Expo

recently, with the theme of green technology leading the future, Zhongda Diantong appeared at the Shanghai 2010 China International Industrial Expo with a strong lineup of energy-efficient solutions and many products, and simulated life in the real environment of the exhibition site, The working environment with the theme of worry free power room and green data center, the energy-saving industrial environment created by the automation scheme, and the green public environment transformed by green energy such as solar energy were displayed in five areas, which concentrated on the profound meaning of the overall green environment solution of Zhongda Diantong

the relevant person in charge of ZTE said: as the most influential international industrial brand exhibition in China, the Industrial Expo has been an important platform for ZTE to display advanced technologies and concepts for many years. This year, we will launch our energy-efficient solutions and a series of product technologies for new energy, computer rooms, buildings and industrial fields through the media of the Industrial Expo. In the future, we will continue to take root in China and support customers to achieve rapid development with all-round power, video, automation products and solutions

green it computer room area

at the site of the Industrial Expo, a series of neat computer room products on the Zhongda Diantong booth, Delta infrasuite data center solutions, attracted the attention of many visitors. Infrasuite system is a network critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) newly launched by Delta for the data center. The architecture is an overall solution, which can be mixed with 20 parts of high vinyl polybutadiene rubber. Professional predictive maintenance services can be embedded in components that are extensible, manageable, maintainable, highly integrated, easy to maintain, standardized and modular. Through this service, the total cost of ownership can be reduced and availability can be increased. Design, installation, operation and maintenance of the integrated professional services of NCPI system represent the industry best practices required by modern data centers

Delta infrasuite adopts modular intelligent fault-tolerant ups. Its modular design ensures n+1 redundancy and expansion capability. The UPS equipment with excellent quality has voltage stabilization and surge protection functions; In addition, the high-density cabinet has advanced ventilation system, cable management, and intelligent power distribution unit PDU, which can maximize the reliability of the power distribution system and innovatively provide the remote monitoring capability of load power supply at the cabinet level. In addition, the delta EMS environment manager and temperature and humidity probe are compatible with the delta cabinet and can provide cabinet level environment and safety management functions. The delta auxiliary air conditioning module Adu equipment is installed in front of the cabinet to extract air from under the floor, increase the wind speed, and send the cold air to the front of the cabinet, so that the server can absorb more cold air, so as to solve local hot spots and provide highly available physical environment space protection for servers, network equipment and telecommunications applications in the IT environment

automation area

as a subsidiary of Delta Electronics Group, the world's leading industrial automation brand, before pole changing every day, Zhongda Diantong also displayed its two representative works in the automation field, namely, solar sun chasing system and industrial automation network system

with the increasing popularity of solar power generation, how to obtain energy more efficiently has become a big problem. Delta has successfully integrated the solar sun chasing system by combining the new generation es2/ex2 series PLC with GPS sensors. The system can adjust the solar panel to the command GPS and spa with the best receiving efficiency, use the pulse output to control the two axis positioning, and then receive the encoder to feedback the panel position, so as to achieve the accurate positioning of the solar panel, so as to maximize the solar energy receiving efficiency (the solar energy absorbed every day is 35% higher than the ordinary solar panel)

Delta industrial automation network system: Delta DeviceNet, CANopen, MODBUS and other network modules can realize real-time and fast data exchange between the main controller and the executing equipment or devices, and achieve the purposes of accurate positioning, error reduction, multi axis motor synchronization, etc; At the same time, through Ethernet, various parameters of the equipment can be quickly and conveniently fed back to HMI to realize the precise control of frequency converter, servo and pneumatic products, so that customers can quickly master the remote communication connection and build a smart and fast industrial network. With outstanding products and innovative solutions, Zhongda Diantong has shown a brand-new automation world to customers in the industry

industrial environment area

among many heavyweight exhibitors, Zhongda Diantong's booth with a touch of green is particularly conspicuous, attracting the attention of many visitors. The permanent magnet speed regulation products located in the industrial environment area in the booth attracted many visitors to stop and watch. Many domestic and foreign businesses have shown strong interest in and willingness to cooperate with Zhongda's energy-saving products

for a long time, ZTE has been continuously committed to improving product efficiency and developing alternative energy products. The permanent magnet speed regulation drive product is an energy-saving hero grandly launched by ZTE to address the dilemma of high energy consumption and low output of many users in the power industry. It has huge market potential. Through the magnetic coupling speed regulation of permanent magnets, this product can achieve high efficiency and energy saving. It is suitable for power plants, petrochemical, mining and other industries. It can be used in high temperature, humidity Work in flammable, explosive and unstable voltage environment; The mean time between failures (MTBF) reaches 25 years. It has obvious energy-saving advantages in terms of maintenance cost, while the tensile strength shows an overall downward trend. Not long ago, the success of this product in Jiaxing Power Plant Project and its high praise from customers is a good proof

On the first floor of the

booth in the green energy area, there is a touch of distinctive green. Delta's electric vehicle AC charging pile is displayed there. This product adopts efficient electronic energy-saving technology, safe and reliable product design, uses a friendly interactive user interface, and has the characteristics of IP55 equipment protection grade, wireless connection function, etc. the best thing is that it is suitable for installation and use in various occasions

the second floor of the booth is the green energy area, showing the photovoltaic power generation system of Zhongda Diantong

with years of in-depth research and development in the solar photovoltaic industry, Zhongda Tongneng provides system solutions for photovoltaic and power generation. The joint application of its mature inverter control technology and high-efficiency transformer technology can make the maximum conversion efficiency of the inverter reach 98%, which tends to be the industry leader, and is favored by design institutes, equipment manufacturers, system integrators and photovoltaic power generation owners. Another energy-saving product, permanent magnet variable speed drive with world patented technology, was also inquired by many visitors at the exhibition site. The average maintenance free operation time of this product is more than 25 years, and the energy-saving rate is higher than 30%, which can fully achieve the effect of energy saving, power saving and cost saving, and win the unanimous praise of customers

with the expansion of the photovoltaic market, Zhongda Diantong photovoltaic inverter has gained a good reputation in the industry and the market, and Zhongda Diantong's unique permanent magnet speed regulation products have quickly occupied the market in the power, petrochemical, metallurgical, coal and other industries. This time, Zhongda Diantong appeared at the 2010 China International Industry Expo in full dress. While promoting green to lead the future, it further improved the brand of Zhongda Diantong

video large screen area

in order to fully display outstanding products and leading solutions in sound, light and electricity, Zhongda Diantong specially arranged a 60 Inch 22 large screen to carry out continuous video publicity and rotate video information from company introduction to product application. In addition to the fresh and beautiful booth giving visitors a good first impression, the large screen display system of Zhongda Diantong has become the highlight of the whole show. The high-definition pictures and beautiful colors have attracted countless visitors to stop and watch

as a leading video imaging industry expert in China, ZTE has been deeply engaged in the industry for decades, and has always been committed to providing customers in various industries with products and solutions that meet their actual needs. Whether in international events such as the Beijing Olympic Games or the Shanghai WorldExpo, ZTE has contributed its own strength, not only adding weight to the construction of Beijing International Airport, It also provides different visual enjoyment for more than 70 million Expo visitors around the world. It is reported that the large screen display system of Zhongda Diantong has been used in many fields, such as radio and television, transportation, coal mining, petrochemical, clamping force and meteorology, and has been widely recognized by all walks of life

since the World Expo, the large screen of Zhongda Diantong has appeared again in the 2010 China International Industry Expo. While promoting green technology to lead the future, it has further enhanced the brand effect of Zhongda Diantong. This appearance will also continue to write a magnificent chapter of high-definition display for the large screen display equipment of Zhongda Diantong

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