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The "cloud" attitude of Western European manufacturers has become more open

IDC manufacturing insights found from a recent survey conducted in Western Europe on the operating standards and respective advantage areas of these different experimental machines that Western European manufacturers have realized the important role of Cloud Architecture in increasing business agility, improving service levels, and realizing information sharing with trading partners

in the past, manufacturers would show skepticism whenever they mentioned the adoption of cloud technology, but now they have begun to realize that cloud architecture can become an important integration pillar in order to strengthen close cooperation with trading partners in the same value chain and improve decision-making ability. The survey shows that the factors that promote western European manufacturers to adopt cloud technology include setting up standard IT systems, facilitating end-user deployment, improving business service levels, and sharing information with trading partners. These four drivers determine the long-term cloud strategy of Western European manufacturers, that is, to form more stable business norms through it standardization

this survey has the following important findings:

1 Almost 60% of Western European manufacturers have set up special expenditure budgets for cloud computing. In the next three years, no company is expected to reduce cloud spending, and more than half of the companies will increase their corresponding spending

2. Western European manufacturers are taking a prudent approach to gradually liberalize some sensitive business processes and information to run on the cloud

3. There are still concerns about cloud technology, especially about security and availability

4. Collaborative application and customer relationship management (CRM) are enterprise applications that manufacturers invest most

5. For the application of lob, if it is a solution supporting inter enterprise processes, the adoption and investment of cloud technology are relatively high, such as supply chain sales and operation planning (SOP), business to business (B2B)/electronic data interchange (EDI), supply chain planning (SCP) and product lifecycle management (PLM)

idc makes it difficult for users to distinguish between true and false. Pierfrancesco manenti, head of manufacturing insights Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said: today's manufacturers strive to maintain a place in the complex and competitive global market, but the leaders are those manufacturers who attach importance to it technology, have established IT departments that are familiar with the business needs of the industry, and rely on business acumen for pragmatic investment. For those companies that have fully considered investing in cloud computing while developing rapidly, their IT performance will be greatly improved due to the use of cloud computing. Of course, there are still concerns, especially in terms of security and availability, but these concerns about the scope of material testing machines are rapidly being offset by greater benefits, thereby promoting the widespread use of cloud computing

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