The hottest Westad merged with Malaysian latex glo

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According to U.S. media reports, vystar, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, recently signed a letter of intent with ecoglove Asia Pacific, a Malaysian company that has been used in satellite, aerospace and energy storage. Vystar is interested in merging this Malaysian latex glove manufacturer

Wistar has a unique patented technology. It uses all natural materials, which can greatly reduce the antigen protein in natural rubber latex. Eco gloves company is a professional manufacturer of medical gloves. Although the specific terms of the merger of the two companies have not been finalized, both sides hope to complete the work before September 30 this year. Eco gloves Asia Pacific, headquartered in Sabah, Malaysia, mainly produces reusable medical gloves, and has successfully developed a post-disinfection technology to provide customers with reusable gloves

is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity Note: this transfer just meets the needs of car enterprises for the recycling of materials. At present, these low odor materials have been used for the recycling of car door panels, instrument consoles, columns, safety hammers, car interior toolboxes and other component rings. The contents are reproduced for the purpose of transmitting more information, which does not mean agreeing with their views or confirming the authenticity of their contents

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