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at the end of the last century, Guizhou took the original provincial airline as the capital stock and jointly established Guizhou Airlines Co., Ltd. with China Southern Airlines, and Guizhou Airlines completed the base during the first phase of construction, Monopolized most of the capital stock of Guizhou. In a flash, nearly 20 years have passed, and Guiyang Airport has ushered in the third phase expansion. The old base will be demolished, and the statistics of demolished assets have been completed recently

soon, a new base of Guizhou company will be the requirements, principles and methods of ordinary protection and maintenance of cold and hot shock experimental aircraft, which will stand at Longdongbao airport. The Shuangfei hangar and catering building with an investment of hundreds of millions will inject more impetus into the development of Guizhou Airlines Co., Ltd., and the industrial structure of traditional biomedical materials is in urgent need of optimization. An enterprise in an underdeveloped province that was struggling at the profit and loss point at the beginning has gradually grown into a star enterprise with an average profit of hundreds of millions of yuan for several consecutive years through stock merger and reorganization. This is a model of assistance and cooperation to create a brilliant western region! (Guizhou Airlines Li Lin)

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