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West will release a new temperature control solution at the rubber and plastic exhibition

Chinaplas 2015 (China International Rubber and plastic exhibition) will be grandly held in Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center from May 20 to 23, 2015. As a leading manufacturer in the global temperature and process controller industry, danahe West control solutions will bring its full range of temperature control meters, temperature controllers, program controllers and silicon controlled power regulators to show the latest temperature control solutions to customers in the rubber and plastic industry

booth No.: 9.2k01 (Hall 9.2), looking forward to your visit

west the theme of this rubber and plastic exhibition is more accurate and reliable temperature control. At that time, the temperature control solution based on the new controller will be officially displayed in front of Chinese customers

visitors can visit and operate the new maxvu temperature and process controller with high cost performance. It has advanced temperature and process control functions, convenient parameter setting, and can be easily completed in 60 seconds; The wiring is simple, the size is compact, and the large 18 mm LED screen is used to improve visibility. In addition to meeting the requirements of general temperature and process control, maxvu can also provide special models tailored for the plastic extrusion industry

ks temperature and program controller perfectly reflects the industry-leading control performance of PMA brand. A 1/16 DIN controller can easily meet the needs of a variety of complex applications in the factory. KS contains a variety of control features tailored for the plastic machine industry, including nonlinear cooling, propulsion function, soft start, disconnection detection, transmitter power supply and other functions. Two groups of PID control heating and cooling, advanced algorithm, complete input and output interfaces, and modern engineering tools and simulation software, let you experience a more convenient and efficient control scheme

pro-ec44 temperature and process controller has high-end functions including program control function and data recording function. The graphic/text LCD has a high degree of visualization, which can clearly display real-time text information. It has powerful program functions, including 64 255 segment programs. This design significantly improves the efficiency of users, reduces wiring, saves space, and significantly reduces costs. At the same time, multiple functions are integrated to reduce debugging time, simplify operation and minimize downtime. Pro-ec44 is a temperature control product with excellent cost performance

mlc9000+ and KS vario multi loop control units have rich communication ports, which can be connected to various upper computers, touch screens or PLC systems. The control system adopts optimized PID algorithm, which can provide high-precision loop control. Each control unit can complete 30~32 control loops, with rich input/output loop module selection. The system can also support typical fieldbuses such as PROFIBUS DP, CANopen, DeviceNet and MODBUS. In addition, the integrated blueport front interface and bluecontrol software tools can help implement customized solutions. The required functions can be easily selected, copied and archived by PC, especially for plastic extrusion equipment. It is worth mentioning that KS vario can also be equipped with a special operation terminal for vario EC Mini extruder. Vario EC Mini adopts graphic touch design, can control up to 12 areas, and can communicate directly with Ethernet

cd thyristor power regulator adopts all digital technology and supports single-phase, two-phase and three-phase applications, with a current range of 10a to 2600a. It is used for constant resistive load, variable resistance load, transformer load or infrared load. It supports and can be freely configured into different trigger modes, such as phase shift angle/zero crossing trigger, single cycle/pulse group trigger, soft start + pulse group trigger, delay trigger, and has the functions of heater disconnection detection, short circuit detection, and current limiting. It is expected that exhibitors will reach nearly 10000 people, and can choose current, voltage, or power feedback to realize closed-loop control. In addition, Revo s, Revo m, Revo Cl and Revo TC are newly launched, with flexible configuration, from ordinary resistive load to inductive and transformer load, from single-phase, two-phase to three-phase, from single temperature zone to multi temperature zone, from independent load to multi load energy-saving optimization control scheme; Revo PC power control management is specially designed to manage multi area systems. This powerful product adopts a unique algorithm. By controlling the synchronization and power limit of each area, you can minimize the energy cost of some industry elites who have a keen sense of smell who are adjusting directions from the red sea of traditional packaging

in addition, this exhibition will also display the classic P-Series temperature and process controllers of West, covering the size specifications of 1/16 DIN, 1/8 din and 1/4 din. P series products have excellent control performance and are easy to set; Universal input mode, supporting most standard sensor types; Modular output interface and various optional functions can be flexibly changed according to system requirements; The software is easy to configure and can store many different programs, ensuring that users can quickly set up according to various applications

for details, please visit the West Chinese website to consult our company's sales: 4006661802

about West control solutions

Danaher company will integrate its four brands involving temperature control, West instruments, PMA, Cal controls and Partlow, into the West control solutions group brand, so as to carry out protection in a timely manner to the application of various temperature or process measurement and control, Provide customers with more perfect and in-depth products and services

- West instruments, founded in 1946, is one of the earliest manufacturers to develop temperature controllers based on microprocessors. Its classic P-Series temperature and process controllers are well known to domestic users

- PMA, founded in 1929, is committed to the design and development of high-end DIN controllers and customized control systems. The products perfectly combine loop control functions, PLC logic control functions and HMI human-machine interfaces. Especially in the field of plastic extrusion, ksvario and varioplc provide professional users with the perfect solution of multi loop control and integrated control

Founded in 1963, Cal control is famous for designing and manufacturing high-quality, exquisite and easy-to-use controllers, especially in the fields of experimental instruments, medical equipment, food and beverage, packaging, plastics and so on

Founded in 1920, Partlow is mainly committed to developing various recording and control instruments. These application fields will affect the normal operation of the experimental machine, including environmental science, water treatment system, pharmacy, food and beverage, etc

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