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Westermo's industrial Ethernet switch reduces the pressure of ABB force measurement

ABB FM (force measurement) uses westermo's RedFox Industrial Ethernet switch with its latest version of stressmeter system, which is suitable for measuring and controlling steel mills. The implementation of RedFox industrial equipment helps to reduce the number of data communication products from six to one, simplifying the system and reducing costs

ABB FM is a leading global supplier of rolling mill control systems. The company's stressmeter system, including various measuring and control instruments, optimizes the process to produce the highest quality rolled products. When implementing a previous version of stressmeter system, the rolling mill control network often contains up to six different network devices. These devices include switches, routers, converters, and firewalls, which are always provided by different manufacturers. This may lead to compatibility problems and lack of key network functions, such as secure virtual professional network (VPN) and network separation. This also leads to the difficulty of installing and maintaining these complex networks. A larger number of products need to be configured, which means that it takes a long time to install and requires a higher level of network knowledge. The need to use a variety of products also helps overload a control cabinet, which will then need to be cooled. This leads to increased maintenance requirements, and the same fan will be worn

stressometer network solution is now based on a single RedFox industrial 18 port, three-tier switch running westermo's weos operating system. The weos operating system developed by westermo company has provided layer 2 and layer 3 functions, which means that RedFox industrial equipment can be used as a switch or a router. The weos operating system can also manage complex network problems including advanced security. For example, each port can be configured with personal firewall rules and provide encrypted virtual professional network (VPN) channels, which means that you can connect securely through the Internet. These new functions provided by RedFox industry can now enable stressometer system to use a single network device to handle multiple data communication networks in the factory

"since 2010, we have been providing the latest version of stressmeter system incorporating RedFox industrial equipment, and we have no problem in data communication," said christgustafson, data communication manager of ABB FM. "When we upgrade our system, we hope to have a more unified network solution. Westermo's equipment helps achieve this goal by avoiding the compatibility problems between products from different manufacturers. Because this system makes it easier to install and maintain, and the cost we need to provide is lower."

the weos operating system of RedFox industry enables the communication network to be divided into three virtual local areas (VLANs): a protected virtual local area (VLAN), which uses an encrypted virtual professional network (VPN) channel. It cannot be accessed by the client and connects all measurement and control instruments. The second VLAN is connected to the rolling mill control computer and the third VLAN is connected to the factory office network. This provides a link to the interconnection and allows the system to conduct safety monitoring from the outside of the industrial network and new buildings, saving 75%

stressmeter system's new network solution is pre delivered and set, and the installation is simple, just plug in some cables. Once in place, it is almost maintenance free. If the stressmeter system needs to be updated or repaired, abb FM can simply access the protected part of the network on the Internet through the encrypted virtual professional network (VPN) channel. Although the system is preset, it is still very flexible. If the device is inserted or the network address translation (NAT) rule is moved, it can be implemented without affecting the original configuration

abb stressmeter system can be installed in harsh industrial environment. Westmo's RedFox industrial switch has been specially designed for such applications and will operate under the environment of high-level electromagnetic interference and the standard that the equipment meets at -40 to 70 degrees Celsius: extreme temperature conditions

"we have tried many different industrial data communication products from different suppliers, but none of our nearly stringent requirements is good enough. Combined with the new solution of westermo equipment, it works very well, and requires only a little technical support," Gustafson concluded

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