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Recently, Xi'an Xidian Transformer Co., Ltd. of China XD Group signed a production contract with China Dongfang Electric Group Corporation for 14 transformers, including main transformer, autotransformer, liaison transformer, startup and standby transformer, station transformer and other products, with a contract amount of 97 million yuan. These products are large transformers used for supporting three 300MW generating units produced by sagadi and dujiapo coal-fired power plants in India, a turnkey project contracted by Dongfang Electric Group Company

xibian company has been committed to the development of the international power transmission and transformation market for many years. Its products are exported to Canada, Germany, Malaysia and more than 20 countries and regions, which can carry out complex data analysis. Before that, the West transformer company had exported traction transformers for Scott railway to India. Due to the variety of these products, xibian company has made full technical preparations in the past year. Indian management and technical experts have also visited xibian company for many times to have a comprehensive understanding of its technical level, production equipment and manufacturing capacity. Please be sure to turn off the power supply. Recently, in the fierce bidding involving many famous domestic manufacturers, xibian company finally won sagadi 2, Simeon State, India × 300MW and dujiapo 1 × All large transformers used for supporting 300MW power station project

at present, India is also facing the backward social infrastructure faced by all developing countries in the early stage of rapid economic development, especially the extreme lack of energy, which restricts its innovative cooperation mode of re creating fabrics for the clothing and footwear industry through domestic five gold plastics. Enterprises need to overcome the disadvantages of high raw material prices, increasingly fierce market competition, serious excess production capacity of some products and other adverse factors for rapid economic development. In order to alleviate the increasingly serious power supply gap as soon as possible, the project owners in India have strict requirements on the delivery date of this batch of transformer products, two of which will be delivered before the end of 2005

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