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According to the financial report of Western Digital, they shipped 29.2 million HDDs last quarter, a year-on-year decrease of 1million, an increase of 21%. The rising price of HDD Hard disk is mainly driven by high-capacity HDD. Western Digital has begun to sample 18tb and 20tb hard disk. In 2026, the goal is to launch a 60t2 HDD Hard Disk with fatigue testing machine that can simulate various environments B. of course, SMR technology is indispensable

at the SFD 19 meeting, Western Digital announced the HDD roadmap with the highest average export price of China's non-ferrous metals in January. This roadmap is more conservative than that announced by the ASTC Association in the previous two years. The latter previously predicted that the HDD Hard disk capacity would reach 100TB in 2026, while Western Digital predicted TB, mainly because the progress of HAMR thermomagnetic assisted recording/mamr microwave assisted magnetic recording technology in these two years was slower than expected for two or three years, It will not be commercially available until this year at the earliest

from this roadmap, there will be 18tb and 20tb hard disks from 2020. The former uses the traditional PMR vertical track, while the 20tb uses the SMR laminated magnetic recording technology, which can increase the storage density by 25% and reach the capacity of 20tb on the basis of 18tb

to be more precise, western mathematics defines the track technology they use as epmr, that is, energy assisted magnetic recording, because in fact, it does not use mamr technology, but just touches the edge of energy assisted. Western mathematics misleads the media to some extent

according to this trend, the goal in 2023 is to remove the polishing damage layer. The hard disk capacity of epmr technology can reach 24tb, and the hard disk capacity of epmr+smr technology can reach 30tb

in the future, new generation technologies such as HAMR and mamr will be popularized, and the HDD Hard disk capacity will continue to rise. In 2020, the hard disk capacity will reach 50tb, but the SMR hard disk capacity will reach 60tb

now you can understand why hard disk manufacturers are so obsessed with SMR technology. With the increase of HDD capacity, the 25% storage secret as a shareholder has increased, making SMR technology more and more important. Even if there are performance and reliability problems, Western Digital and Seagate cannot give up, and will only continue to expand the popularity of SMR technology in the future

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