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Western countries have caused great pressure on China's packaging machinery enterprises

[China Packaging News] packaging machinery plays a decisive role in the packaging industry. It provides the industry with necessary technical equipment to complete the packaging process of products. Although the output value of packaging machinery accounts for less than that of packaging materials in the whole packaging industry and is not a regular consumable, it is an indispensable support for the modernization of the packaging industry

European and American countries have caused great pressure on China's packaging machinery enterprises

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without modern packaging machinery, there will be no modern packaging industry, which has become an industry consensus

at present, advanced industrial countries, recognizing that packaging machine technology can play a decisive role in the highly competitive international market, pay more and more attention to the development of packaging machines. And many countries have formed a set of independent and complete packaging industry to meet the packaging system of various products on the market, widely adopt the automatic assembly line of combined packaging, and develop in the direction of multi-function of tensile strength, constant elongation, constant elongation force value and yield strength machine

therefore, many packaging machine manufacturers have upgraded the technology of packaging machines and continuously invested in the development of skills. China's packaging machines have launched a battle with foreign packaging machines in this field. Although the development of China's packaging machinery can not be compared with that of foreign packaging machines, the content of some skills is low

as we all know, China has a large number of packaging machinery enterprises, most of which are small in scale and low in science and technology. Only about 5% of packaging machinery enterprises have the production capacity of a full set of packaging systems, which can compete with international packaging machinery enterprises in Japan, Germany, Italy and so on

relevant data show that the import amount of China's packaging machinery in 2010 was US $2.098 billion, accounting for 70.71% of the total packaging machinery, with a year-on-year increase of 40.94%. It can be seen that China has a large demand for packaging machinery. At that time, the domestic packaging machinery technology failed to meet the needs of enterprises, resulting in an increase in the import of domestic packaging machinery and equipment in 2010

with their strong economic and technological advantages, Europe and the United States have caused great pressure on China's packaging machinery enterprises. However, the packaging machines in China rely on their common functions and advantages as well as the continuous efforts of packaging machine manufacturers. It has won the trust and love of users, gradually radiating upstream and downstream industries such as it, automotive electronics, office equipment, toys, building materials, transportation tools, etc., and gradually gaining a firm foothold in China's packaging industry. With the rapid development of China's economy, it also brings a very good living environment for the development of packaging machine industry

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