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Western coating enterprises seek development in the process of reform

Western coating enterprises seek development in the process of reform

September 4, 2007

[China coating information] the development of Western coating enterprises is weak

from the performance of the entire Western coating market sales, foreign brands are hot, especially well-known brands, while local brands are cold, which is very obvious in all provincial capitals in the West. Mainly manifested in: numerous manufacturers and brands; Uneven quality; Prices are disorderly and lack industry norms; Local enterprise brands, system marketing and corporate culture are relatively lacking

nationwide, the paint production of Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu and Hebei provinces accounts for 76% of the total national production, while the paint industry in the western region is developing slowly. Many production enterprises, small scale and poor economic benefits have become the remarkable characteristics of Western coating enterprises. A considerable number of enterprises blindly pursue large and complete, small and complete, and do not form their own fist products, resulting in poor economic benefits and low overall technical level of the industry. Enterprises cannot expand reproduction and technological transformation, and it is difficult to develop synchronously with related industries

under the impact of foreign brands, Western coating enterprises may become the object of mergers, reorganizations and acquisitions of foreign enterprises, and a large number of small companies will be eliminated

Western coating enterprises lack technology, and many enterprises rely on oneortwo technicians to support the overall situation. After accumulating a certain amount of funds, the variability of jjg1136 (2) 017 is the concept of volatility, and technicians often choose to leave the enterprise to form a whole, repeat the production of the same formula, and obtain profits at a price lower than the original factory. After operating for a period of time, they encounter difficulties, and then once again disintegrate and regroup, forming a vicious circle. Some enterprises are shoddy, disrupting market order. On the one hand, the entry threshold of the coating industry is low. On the other hand, the narrow regional culture has made some small workshops have no sense of crisis, neither innovation nor service awareness

at home is the market, while foreign brands did not enter the western market a few years ago, Western coating enterprises used to follow and imitate other people's products. Ma Yongnan, the person in charge of Xi'an Li'ao coating company, believes that relying too much on the sales model of painters can not let consumers understand the characteristics of different products, making price the dominant factor in consumption, leading to the manufacturer into a vicious circle of competition, unable to work on product research and development and innovation, and ultimately leading to the local paint and coating products being too single, without personality, and losing the recognition of consumers. Although some local enterprises have worked hard on the color and functionality of paint and coatings and launched new products, due to the separation of sales and construction, most designers dare not try bold colors, and workers do not understand the brushing method of new products, which eventually leads to poor sales of color emulsion paint, texture paint, water-based paint and other products in the market, and also makes paint and coating products in a pale and single consumption misunderstanding for a long time

innovation can win the market

so how can Western coating enterprises share in the future coating market? Experts suggest that the following four aspects should be strengthened

1. Find the breakthrough point. The first is the breakthrough point of the product, and the second is the breakthrough point of the market. The breakthrough point of products is to optimize the existing varieties and select the most competitive and marketable varieties. The breakthrough point of the market is to establish the short-term, medium-term and long-term Chinese name of different regions: tensile testing machine English Name: tensile testing machine marketing strategy by analyzing the uneven market products and combining the strength of the enterprise itself and integrating the market by region

2. Establish brand image. For the comprehensive large-scale manufacturers with a certain popularity, through the adjustment of product structure, they form the brand image of the enterprise, take "environmental protection" as the selling point of the leading products, drive the sales of other products, occupy the market share with latex paint, water-based paint, industrial paint and other products, and drive the greater growth of lithium demand with the best-selling Tesla Model3 as the guarantee of the vitality of the enterprise. For enterprises with relatively single products, manufacturers should understand the sales characteristics of their products and remember to blindly compare with each other. They should do what they can. The above is a detailed introduction to the precautions and functional characteristics of horizontal tension machine, and work hard on product sales and innovation. Adopt the on-the-spot strategy, strive to become a regional brand, then expand the scale, improve the production process, constantly innovate, form a strong brand, and then seek development to build a national network. (Chinese coatings)

3. The sales means have changed from traditional purchase and sales to modern marketing. In the civil market, we should establish a perfect sales network; Make the products close to the market and end users. Establish a perfect after-sales service system, use modern public relations planning means, obtain the maximum publicity benefits with the least money, and have continuity and image at the same time, so as to establish the medium and high-end status of products. Use the strategy of "stability, accuracy, ruthlessness and speed" and quickly occupy the market through marketing means. In the engineering market, we should adopt the combination of traditional purchase and sale and modern marketing, and adopt different strategies for different enterprises and industries

4. Maintain market advantage through innovation. Any product has its own product cycle. After the product fully occupies the market, enterprises should maintain product advantages through innovation. So as to use the perfect sales network to quickly promote new products, until the new products open the market and occupy the market. But the most important point is to establish a dynamic marketing network, maintain our marketing network, and constantly refine or expand the market. Only with a sound network system and product innovation, can the products of enterprises open the market faster. At the same time, because paint products have a certain shelf life, enterprises must establish a perfect sales, promotion and after-sales service network

people in the paint industry in Chengdu told that the paint market is changing dramatically every year. In the past, new brands of paint and coatings were constantly entering the market every year. From last year to this year, few new brands appeared

on the contrary, some brands that used to have considerable market influence are gradually fading out of the market, and even changed careers and began to join some international brands. These are phenomena worthy of study by coating enterprises. Consumers' choices are also maturing, with the goal of hovering between several major brands. With the development of international brands in China, the merger and integration of the paint industry is inevitable. Some experts said that at present, the domestic coating industry has formed three major groups, one is foreign-funded enterprises with advanced technology and strong strength, the other is state-owned enterprises developing in the process of adjustment, and the third is private enterprises with a large number and a wide range. The market competition is very fierce. In order to achieve innovative development, coating enterprises need product innovation as the foundation and sales and service innovation as the key. Products without characteristics, no matter how good the price, no matter how good the promotion can only become superficial. In short, Western coating enterprises must start with improving product innovation ability and technical level, accelerating the cultivation of high-quality talents, implementing brand strategy and group strategy, and taking the road of specialization, large-scale development and product differentiation, so as to be able to stand on the Chinese coating market

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