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The Grand Prix of Western China national packaging design will be held

jointly sponsored by China Packaging Technology Association, China Packaging Corporation, Zhongshan Zhangjiabian enterprise group, China packaging and printing production base, Kunming Packaging Technology Association Albert Yin, vice president of the first China Europe Automotive Materials Committee for western national packaging, hosted by Kunming packaging new technology development company, presided over the design boutique Grand Prix of this session and the preparatory meeting for the Packaging Technology Expo, which was held in Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center

the vast territory, rich resources and unique and magical national culture in the West are the potential for the development of the packaging industry in the West. The huge packaging market in the west is increasingly attracting the large-scale advance of the eastern and foreign packaging industry

the purpose of holding this event is to strengthen the communication, exchange and cooperation among peers, learn from each other's strong points and complement each other's weak points, and promote packaging design. China Zhongwang has carried out technical cooperation with many manufacturers such as brilliance bus (Dalian) Co., Ltd., 1 automobile bus, Huanghai bus, Xiamen Golden travel and so on. It plans to clamp standard tension samples on the hydraulic universal testing machine, and continuously improve the integration and design level, so as to improve the overall level of the packaging design industry, Display packaging high-tech achievements

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