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Xishi mtn647895 intelligent light control module manufacturer ~ [huile electric]

Xishi mtn647895 intelligent light control module manufacturer ~ [huile electric]

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product brand huile electric regards every customer as our closest friend or family. Product model 1 production city Shanghai shipping city national total supply 1 minimum starting order 1 product unit price 1 unit of measurement 1 product details

western mtn647895 intelligent light control module manufacturer ~ [huile electric]

Shanghai huile Electric Co., Ltd, It is an enterprise specializing in the R & D and manufacturing of intelligent distribution system automation equipment. The company has long provided users with advanced technology and high-quality services to meet the needs of all aspects of the power system with accurate, reliable, energy-saving and environmental friendly intelligent distribution products

the company's main products include: multi-user watt hour meters, centralized watt hour meters, switch control modules, intelligent lighting control modules and systems. The products are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, electric power, construction, municipal administration, environmental protection, national defense, water conservancy and other industries, and have produced great social impact and economic benefits. Some products have been exported together with complete sets of equipment and have been directly or indirectly applied to abb engineering projects, Russian power plants, and other major projects

the company has a special technology research and development center and a young product development team. Equipped with advanced test equipment, the safety and reliability operation test specifications of system software and communication protocol are formulated. And with some domestic famous university MCU center, it is a combination of industry, University and research

the main products of the company have passed the type test of relevant national testing institutions, obtained relevant qualifications, and comprehensively passed the price increase space. There is still ISO9001 quality management system. The company has always adhered to the business policy of "quality for survival, science and technology for development, and management for efficiency", adhered to the business purpose of "everything for users", sincerely cooperated with friends from all walks of life, and gradually developed into a high-tech enterprise based on intelligent distribution products on the basis of power meters

it will be easier in the morning, leaving home mode, leaving home after breakfast... "Wait, are all the lights at home turned off, so you go back from behind the door and check again, whether it" was turned off at first, this is really a free trip "is still" fortunately, I ran back, otherwise I will waste electricity "makes people feel very troublesome, but with the intelligent light control system, All the lights can be turned off only by saying "I'm working" before leaving home. In addition, you don't need to come back specially to check whether the lights are on or off. Because you can find the on/off status of the lights through the remote video on, if it's really irrelevant, you don't need to bear the 5% ⑴ 0% increase in the price of antioxidants; The price of ultraviolet absorbent and thioester increases by 5% ⑴ 5% heart. No matter where you are on the earth, you can turn off the lights remotely through video and voice, and you will also need to use anti-theft lights to prevent * * *, which is certainly possible. However, plastic machinery such as plastic granulator has a great demand for energy. At present, the number of convenience has increased. "Late night mode" can make the light band at the bottom of the bed automatically turn on after sensing when you get out of bed, Provide soft light brightness

western mtn647895 intelligent light control module manufacturer ~ [huile electric] overview intelligent switch module, communication adopts 485 bus mode, has its own scene control part, has relay switch manual control, and has remote programming and management functions. Functional features 1.8-way relay switch output unit 2 Equipped with scene controller, up to 128 scenes 3 Each circuit has lamp protection delay (minutes) 4 Each circuit has a batch opening delay (seconds) of 5 Each circuit relay switch can be manually controlled 6 With remote programming and management functions 7 When restarting the device, you can select the opened scenario or the specified scenario 8 Adopt 485 bus mode for communication 9 Main technical parameters of standard 35mm guide rail installation structure 1 Input voltage: dc24v2 Bus power consumption: 30ma/dc24v3 Switch circuit: 8-way 4 Current of each switch circuit * * *: 16a5 Electrical life of relay: more than 60000 times (resistive load) 6 Environmental conditions: working temperature 0 ℃ ~45 ℃, working relative humidity 20%~90%, storage temperature -40 ℃ ~+55 ℃, storage relative humidity 10%~93%7 Overall dimension: 165mm × 88mm × 66mm8. Weight: 0.5kg appearance description the appearance and wiring diagram of the module are as follows: ① 8-way relay switch circuit output ② circuit indicator light

nowadays, it has developed into an intelligent era. Many lights, curtains, projectors, air conditioners and other controls can be implemented by the 8-way intelligent lighting switch control module of Yichuang intelligence. Then how does the 8-way intelligent lighting control module realize the switch? In fact, it is very simple to realize the intelligent switch control. It only needs a cascade module (with power supply), turn off the host, intelligent 6-key panel, 8-way 16A intelligent lighting switch module for simple configuration. It can be connected through the Ethernet bus combined with RS485 and tcp/ip network communication. Through various control terminals, it can easily control the lighting system, electric curtain system, air defense system and other equipment. The 8-way intelligent lighting switch module adopts a compact and advanced size of 4 P numbers, which greatly saves space. Compared with other brands, it saves at least 4 P numbers. The installation method is guide rail installation, and the relay used is Tyco relay, a famous European brand

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