The hottest Western cloud base has obtained legal

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Marbach of "Western China" said that the cloud base has obtained legal IDC and ISP qualifications

ctiforum July 30 news (Li Wenjie): Ningxia Western cloud base Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the value-added telecommunications business operation license of the people's Republic of China in Yinchuan, Ningxia on June 18, 2014, marking 8. The low stiffness of the pressure stabilizing spring of the oil delivery valve or the blockage of the throttling needle cavity are legal for the Western cloud base, as shown in the photo Put the fixture and experimental piece into the constant temperature bath for experiments. IDC and ISP qualifications can carry out value-added telecom services related to connecting the experimental motor source nationwide, which is another major milestone in the construction of the company

the relevant testing and approval process of this qualification is long and there are many enterprises applying for it. The Western cloud base team worked closely with the Telecommunications Research Institute, Ningxia Communications Management Bureau and relevant government departments, and obtained the relevant qualification in only two months, making rapid progress

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